Dog of the Month! - Cooper

Cooper was the bestest boy. He was a very happy dog who at 12 years old sti ll had the face and energy of a puppy. He loved to go on walks and sniff all around, especially at the park. He enjoyed going to camp and taking a dip in the lake. He loved to snuggle, give kisses, and play with toys, especially his Fluff -N’-Tuff caterpillar that would make his doggie brother Dexter very jealous. Meal ti me was his favorite ti me of the day, especially when he would get his favorite treats. Cooper especially loved his No-Hides and bully sticks that he would get from Loyal Biscuit Co. in Bath. He loved to visit his Grandma, Auntie Jenn and Mandi, and doggie cousins Pepper and Phoebe. This special boy crossed the rainbow bridge on November 2nd of this year. We will forever cherish the ti me we had with this sweet boy. Thank you Mr. Cooper for letting us be your humans
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