North Star Dog Training School

North Star Dog Training School

Contact: Kathy Duhnoski
252 Jones Rd.
Somerville, ME 04348
Phone: 2076912332

Mid Coast Maine's Performance Dog Training Center

Agility, Obedience & Tracking

Carolyn Fuhrer's background is in teaching and she has taught students at all levels throughout her career. Her skill and knowledge as a teacher are the keys to her amazing success teaching people to understand their dogs and achieve their goals.

Carolyn has taken students from Novice A to UD in obedience, Novice A to Mach 4 in agility, Novice A to Champion Tracker in tracking and Novice A to RAE High Combined in Rally.

Carolyn has over 75 AKC titles on her dogs, including 7 TDX titles and two Champion Tracker titles. She has trained with the top trainers in the USA in all the venues in which she has competed with her Golden Retrievers. She is a member of the National Association of Obedience Instructors (NADOI) and a Certified White Mountain (Julie Daniels) Agility Instructor.

Carolyn owned North Star Dog Training School in Vermont for over 20 years before moving to Maine in 2012. Many of her students travel from Vermont to Maine for ongoing instruction in obedience, agility and tracking.

Agility Classes

Beginners Agility The place to start and stay until you are really ready to go on! Most people stay in beginners for several sessions to solidify skills and enhance communication and build confidence Relax - enjoy the ride!

Obedience Classes

Foundations of Obedience Puppies, pet dogs and performance dogs of any venue all start here! The basics of building a strong, clear relationship for the foundation you need to go on to any activity you want. This is a key class for anyone wishing to have a well behaved dog.

Tracking at North Star

When weather permits, we often schedule Tracking Clinics / Seminars

Carolyn's extensive success and knowledge of tracking makes these days wonderful learning experiences for everyone.

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