Old Dogs New Digs Love Never Gets Old

Old Dogs New Digs Love Never Gets Old

By Susan Spisak

Old Dogs New Digs, ODND, is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer nonprofit that supports and partners with individuals and shelters who need to find loving, comfortable homes for their relinquished and/or displaced seniors, and occasional special needs pets. Their focus is on getting these animals into loving homes as well as raising funds to support their health and well-being. They began these efforts around 2016 in Maine and branched out with a Colorado satellite chapter when their president moved there.
Martie Crone, Vice President for ODND, explained that they are not a traditional rescue as they do not take ownership of any dogs or senior cats in Maine. (Colorado guidelines are different and operate as such.) So, in Maine, they function distinctly.
First, ODND facilitates adoptions for those individuals’ relinquishing pets. Martie, who also serves as their all-important Case Manager (their version of an Adoption Coordinator), said they are aware of a large number of people who need to rehome their pets.
If the relinquisher can keep a pet until they find an adopter, ODND can step in with assistance. “It’s overwhelming for an owner to go through the process and find a good home that they are comfortable with for their pet. So, we help with networking, we accept adoption surveys, then pass them along to the caretaker of that animal.” Additionally, they check applicants vet references—in other words, ODND does all the necessary legwork and offers input, but Martie clarified, “They still have ownership and it’s their decision.”
Secondly, if the owner cannot keep the pet and ODND has a foster home, the owner can surrender that animal to a partner shelter who will take ownership of it and work with the nonprofit. “We generally take on at least half of the financial needs at that point and up to 100% (with the shelter contributing the remainder) and do the networking and screening.” All adoption fees go to the shelter in these scenarios.
“Lastly, if the owner can't keep the animal, and ODND is unable to find a foster, we try to find a shelter that we work with to take the animal. Then we will network, in the hopes that it will bring extra attention to the animal,” explained Martie.
Since 2016, they’ve had almost one thousand successful rehoming cases in Maine and New England. Currently, they have twenty-six active dog cases—dogs in foster, dogs still with their owners awaiting a relinquishment solution, or dogs that are in shelters and they’ve asked ODND to help.
ODND has upcoming Yappy Hours. To support them and have a good time, stop by Olive Pit Brewing Company, 16 Main St in Lisbon Falls on June 29, from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. ODND is teaming up with Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue at Maine Beer Company, 525 US Route 1 in Freeport on August 1 at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Watch their site for more fundraisers—their new Event Coordinator is getting busy!
Fosters are needed, especially those who can take bonded pairs, special needs, and hospice dogs, or who do not have resident pets. As far as donations are concerned, dog and cat food, preventatives, and money for vet bills are welcomed. For info and applications on fostering, donating, and adopting, olddogsnewdigs.com/.




11 YEAR OLD, Staffordshire terrier

Sweet, silly, affectionate and low energy, Early is described as kind of like a 75# cat.  He loves being around people and would be fine with older children.  Wee people make him very uncomfortable, and his current family has a toddler and a baby on the way.  Out of love for this much adored guy, his people want to find a comfortable retirement home for him.  He would likely do fine with a submissive female dog in his home, but no male dogs or cats.  



15 year olds, Pekinese & Japanese Chin

Lexi &Yoshi are a bonded pair who must find a home together.  They get along beautifully together and with cats, but don’t have experience living with other dogs, and would probably not thrive in a home with children.  They are both housebroken and love playing in a pen outside when the weather is warm.  They would love a quiet home. www.olddogsnewdigs.com/adopt/

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