Midcoast Humane Announces Public, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Midcoast Humane Announces Public, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Brunswick, ME – In response to a rising trend in unaltered pets and unplanned litters entering its shelter, Midcoast Humane is hosting a Public Spay/Neuter Clinic for dogs and cats. The clinic will take place at the shelter’s facility at 5 Industrial Parkway on Monday, May 22nd. All surgeries include the rabies vaccine, feline and canine distemper vaccines, microchips, pain medication and nail trims.
“We’ve heard from countless people in our area that are unable to afford spay and neuter surgeries for their pets. Access to affordable spay/neuter services is critical in ensuring the Midcoast region is able to prevent pet overpopulation. These clinics will provide an opportunity for pet owners to attain these vital services for their pets at a more affordable rate,” stated Jess Townsend, Executive Director of Midcoast Humane. She continued, “Over the past year, we’ve noticed a substantial increase in the number of litters being surrendered to the shelter. We suspect that number is tied to the significant number of pets adopted during the pandemic, coupled with rising veterinary costs and fewer available veterinary appointments due to lack of staffing”.

In a study published in September of 2022, researchers at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine identified nearly 3 million spay/neuter surgeries nationwide that were disregarded during the pandemic.* Those missed surgeries, combined with a lack of affordable care and veterinary staff shortages, could create challenges for animal shelters in the years to come.

“Spaying and neutering dogs and cats not only prevents unwanted litters, but also benefits animals by reducing unwanted behaviors and helping them live longer, healthier lives than their unaltered counterparts,” stated Dr. Menolly Cote, Medical Director at Midcoast Humane. She continued, “The best and easiest way to
keep generations of pets out of shelters, and reduce strain on shelters nationwide is to spay and neuter your pets.”
These lower cost clinics are intended to help the people who live in the communities served by Midcoast Humane, from Falmouth to Somerville. There are a limited number of spots available, and registration is required. The fees are: Feline Spay $130, Feline Neuter $100 - $130. Canine surgeries are based on the weight of the dogs and range from $225 dollars for dogs under 25 pounds to $350 for dogs over 91 pounds. Optional services include the Feline Heartworm test ($45), Canine Heartworm Test ($45), E- Collar ($10) and Deworming ($10).
Sponsorship of these fees may be available for some individuals, and will be determined on a case-by- case basis by the level of need and animals affected. This clinic is not intended to replace the relationship between pet owners and their veterinarians, which is crucial to helping pets live their healthiest lives.

Pet owners who wish to participate in these clinics must make an appointment by emailing Midcoast Humane’s Community Resource Manager, Tammy Walsh, at twalsh@midcoasthumane.org or calling (207) 449-1366 x303. For a full list of the 39 towns Midcoast Humane serves, visit MidcoastHumane.Org.

About Midcoast Humane
Midcoast Humane is one of Maine’s largest animal shelters, caring and finding homes for nearly 3,500 animals in a typical year, and assisting thousands more through its programming. It is the contracted animal shelter of 39 towns along Maine’s Midcoast across 1,000 square miles from Falmouth to Somerville. For more information, visit midcoasthumane.org.

*Guerios, S. D., Porcher, T. R., Clemmer, G., Denagamage, T. & Levy, J.K. (2022, September 17). COVID-19 associated reduction in elective spay-neuter surgeries for dogs and cats. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2022.912893/full
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