Loyal Biscuit Acquired by National  Pet Store Chain

Loyal Biscuit Acquired by National Pet Store Chain

EarthWise Pet has recently announced that they have acquired six Loyal Biscuit pet supply stores located throughout Maine. The decision to join forces with EarthWise Pet was made by Loyal Biscuit's owner, Heidi Neal, as she believes that EarthWise Pet's philosophy is very similar to the one she has created with her business. The acquisition of Loyal Biscuit by EarthWise Pet is a strategic move that allows both companies to serve the communities of Maine better.

"Partnering with EarthWise Pet will give my employees more opportunities to grow. Better employee benefits like health insurance, pet nutrition education and team support, plus the ability to add extra services like grooming and Certified Pet Dietitian consultations," Neal stated.

The acquisition of Loyal Biscuit by EarthWise Pet will enable both companies to provide greater support, more expansive opportunities, and additional services to the community. The value that EarthWise Pet puts on its team is similar to Loyal Biscuit's philosophy, ensuring that the team's welfare is taken care of, and the value of what has been built in the community is strengthened and not destroyed.

"We're aware that Loyal Biscuit means a lot to the communities it serves, providing healthy and nutritious pet food, quality toys, and well-trained employees to help pet parents navigate the world of pet food. These are values that EarthWise Pet has nurtured for more than 40 years, which is why the acquisition made perfect sense for both parties," says EarthWise Pet CEO, Michael Seitz.

It's unclear at this stage if the stores will be rebranded with the EarthWise Pet name, but customers and communities can rest assured that the core pieces of what Loyal Biscuit stands for are not changing, and that they will still be able to find the people they know and trust in the stores. The foods they want will continue to be available, and the support of people's fur babies will remain the same.

Seitz states that "EarthWise Pet prides itself on not being a big box pet store. In fact, we have been leading locally-owned, community-focused pet supply stores with integrity for our entire existence. Our Pets Are Family mentality will continue as we foster and further the growth of what Heidi and her team have already built over the years, and we hope the community continues to support the Loyal Biscuit and EarthWise Pet family." Source: EarthWise Pet
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