July 2024 Featured Dogs

July 2024 Featured Dogs


9 year old, Mixed Breed

Sweet guy who loves attention and cuddles! A special needs boy, he is blind and diabetic – who needs a special family.  He’s looking for a laid-back home where he will get walks to help with his weight loss and diabetes.  He’s low to medium energy and not a barker, easy to walk and likes the car. Friendly with other dogs.
FMI visit: olddogsnewdigs.com


7 year old, Beagle & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Boomer would love to be your constant companion tooling around town with you. He prefers women, so looking for a lady to adopt and dote on him. Boomer goes to daycare & gets along well with the other pups there. He also has been known to cuddle with a cat now and then. Mature and respectful children would be ok.
FMI visit: olddogsnewdigs.com


12 year old, Mixed Breed

Perfect blend of low-key energy, enjoys leisurely walks exploring his surroundings and cuddling up with you on the couch, soaking up your love and attention. He is excellent on a leash. He will fill your life with love, warmth, and endless tail wags! He would like to meet any other dog his potential adopter has. No history with cats or kids.
FMI visit: olddogsnewdigs.com


7 year old, Retriever Mix

He may enjoy being the only animal in his home, but don’t let that stop you from checking him out! Neo is extremely smart and picks up on new things very quickly. He knows his name, sit, down, does well on leash, learning the start of heel, the “Find it” game with treats, and is always down to try and learn new tricks! Kid 10+
FMI visit: pethavenlane.org


4 year old, Anatolian Shepherd Mix

She’s silly, goofy, and loves to talk when playing! She’s full of spunk and loves everyone she has met. She’s truly a peoples’ dog! She loves to go for walks, and does very well on leash! children over the age of 6 as she likes to cuddle on her terms only. We think she might enjoy a feline or canine friend or two.
FMI visit: pethavenlane.org


12 year old, Retriever Mix

Gizmo is a sweet old man looking for his retirement home. Don’t let his old age fool you, this guy is a sucker for a good tennis ball! Mellow and affectionate, Gizmo enjoys the relaxed pace of life and long walks are his favorite. Kids 12+ and dog savvy kitties should fare well with him!
FMI visit: pethavenlane.org


2 years old, American Pit Bull Terrier

Friendly, sweet, and goofy dog with a playful and energetic spirit. He’s a quick learner and loves engaging in playful activities. However, Luthor is a bit wary of strangers and can be reactive to other dogs. This doesn’t stop him from being a loving companion. His loyalty knows no bounds, and he’s always ready to give cuddles.
FMI visit: www.pawscares.org


1 year old, Mixed Breed

Meet Titus, a canine companion whose sweetness is as palpable as his curiosity. This brave soul carries a mellow spirit, exploring the world around him with a gentle yet determined heart. He’s a little shy, but once he gets to know you, he’ll reward your patience with a loyalty that’s unmatched.
FMI visit: www.pawscares.org


3 years old, Catahoula Leopard Hound

Shadow is everything that you read about Catahoula Leopard dogs. He loves his family but has energy that is endless!  He loves to play, but he would be just fine being the only dog in the home, if you gave him a job!  He is also the true essence of his name; he loves to be your Shadow!
FMI: Email: sln2310@yahoo.com


1 year old, Catahoula Leopard Hound Mix

He is completely house broken and can easily be distracted to prevent chewing. He loves humans but can be leery of males at first but then snuggles up for affection. Oliver is very calm in the house but in typical Catahoula fashion, can be very vocal and rambunctious when playing with other dogs.
FMI: Email: sln2310@yahoo.com


6 months old, Mixed Breed

Tegan is super sad, he’s wondering why he hasn’t found his forever home yet. He’s potty trained and plays well with his foster fur siblings. Tegan is still a puppy and will do great with some training and a whole lot of love.
FMI visit: blessedbethebullies.com


7 months old, Mixed Breed

She LOVES to be with people, loves all doggies and absolutely adores kids. Knows some basic commands and still learning some others.
Love sticks, toys, and a good game of chase. She is fully vetted, microchipped, spayed, crate trained and ready to go home
FMI visit: blessedbethebullies.com

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