Green Acres Kennel Shop Accepted as An Organizational Member of Pet Industry Advocacy International

Green Acres Kennel Shop has been accepted as an Organizational Member of Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) [ ]. When Green Acres co-owner Don Hanson was asked why his business sought membership in PIAI, he stated: "I've been a part of this industry since 1995. Since then, science has led us to better understand our pet's physical and emotional needs. But sadly, the pet industry's ethics have not kept pace with the science. Methods and tools that are now known to be abusive and detrimental to the welfare of our pets are still in use. So I am excited there is now an international organization, PIAI, that will stand up for pets and their people by working to make this industry more ethical and transparent. I know many other like-minded pet care organizations in Maine, both commercial and non-profit, feel the same way, and I invite them to join PIAI. In addition, I hope pet parents/guardians/ owners, whatever they wish to call themselves, will start choosing PIAI affiliated members when seeking care for their pets." PIAI believes that the pet industry needs increased regulation, oversight, and adherence to policies, procedures, and best practices to protect consumers and their pets. Its mission is to develop a coalition of pet professional organizations that agree to implement and hold pet professionals accountable by promoting a code of professional ethics and honest and transparent operational practices to support consumer protections while working towards an international "Gold Standard" for professional competency. Membership is open to any pet professional registered organization that currently practices and advocates for ethical, humane science-based services who have been in business for at least three years and have a minimum of ten members/employees/volunteers. PIAA was founded by Niki Tudge of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG), Debra Millikan of Canine Behavioural School Incorporated (CBS), Louise StapletonFrappell of PPG British Isles, and Don Hanson of Green Acres Kennel Shop. In business since 1965, Green Acres Kennel Shop is located at 1653 Union Street in Bangor, Maine. Our mission is to provide humane, ethical, and effective pet care and education based on science while prioritizing the needs and welfare of our client's pets. We offer boarding, daycare, grooming, pet behavior consultations, and group, private, and online dog training classes. For more information, please call 945-6841 or visit
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