Canine Water Rescue Demonstration

Canine Water Rescue Demonstration

On August 13th the Museum of Maritime Pets hosted a Canine Water Rescue demonstration at Snow Marine Park in Rockland. The demonstration was presented by the American Academy of Canine Water Rescue whose goal is to reduce or eliminate occurrences of unintentional deaths by drowning.

Maria Gray, founder and president of the non-profit, is the owner of Angel a six-year-old Newfoundland male who is their head instructor dog and 5-month-old Orso. Joining Maria, Angel and Orso were Oakley, a five-year old female Newfie and her owners/handlers, George and Kate Abraham as well as Artemis Tsagarakis and her amazing German Shepherd Athena.

Maria & Angel

Photo: Maria and Angel

This impressive team of dogs and handlers demonstrated several techniques that they use during their rescues. In addition to water rescue and demonstrations they also spend time educating folks on water safety.  

Photo: Oakley
Photo: Artemis & Athena, Kate & Oakley, George

Please keep an eye out for more information about this great organization in a future issue of Downeast Dog News!

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The American Academy of Canine Water Rescue is a 501(3)(c) organization. FMI:

The Museum of Maritime Pets is located at 75 Mechanic Street in Rockland, ME. The museum celebrates and documents the lives and work of seafaring animals throughout history. The Museum is a 501(c)3 organization. FMI: (207) 390-5909 or email:


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