AWS Assists the Humane Society of the United States with Dog Fighting Rescue

AWS Assists the Humane Society of the United States with Dog Fighting Rescue

KENNEBUNK – January 10, 2023 – In partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Animal Welfare Society (AWS) has taken in three dogs rescued by HSUS from an alleged dog fighting ring in South Carolina.

The rescue of 275 dogs took place in September 2022. HSUS reported that dogs were found living outdoors in pens or on chains with barrels or other makeshift shelters as their only protection from the elements. Many of the dogs were thin and had no apparent access to food or water, despite the sunny and hot weather. Responders observed dogs with severe scarring, as well as festering open wounds, lacerations and abscesses. Some dogs eagerly greeted responders with wagging tails and kisses, while others hunched over and peered reluctantly at the responders.

“It’s truly distressing to come upon dogs who are severely injured yet chained to trees or left to languish in a pen instead of getting the care they desperately need,” said Adam Parascandola, vice president of the animal rescue team for HSUS, on the day of the rescue. “Thanks to all the agencies who intervened on behalf of these dogs, this is the last day they’re going to have to live like this.”

After treatment and care at HSUS facilities, the rescued dogs were placed in the care of partner animal adoption organizations, like AWS, throughout the country. AWS received Spirit Bear, Oliver and Brandon. They are happy and eager young dogs, ready for a chance to shine. One-year-old Spirit Bear is really a puppy at heart. She is playful, social and ready to explore the new world available to her. Brandon is truly a gentle soul. He quietly takes in the world around him but at three years old, he still has his youthful optimism. Also three years old, Oliver is a very active guy who wants the excitement of the world at his paws. He’s ready for adventure.
“Even though these dogs didn't have the best start in their lives, we know that through the support of the community, their future is much brighter,” says Adam Ricci, AWS Director of Operations and Programs. “We have enjoyed having Spirit Bear, Oliver and Brandon in our care, getting to know them and preparing them for the next chapter of their lives as family pets. Now it’s time to find them happy homes.”
Spirit Bear, Brandon and Oliver will be available for adoption in the coming days. AWS’s Adoption Center at 46 Holland Road in Kennebunk is open by appointment, which can be scheduled by calling (207) 985-3244. During the hour-long appointment, potential adopters will have ample time to spend with the dog they are interested in adopting. Adoption counselors will answer questions and provide information on the pet’s background and medical history. Counselors will advise on the dog’s personality and temperament as well as dispel any misinformation about dogs bred for dog fighting. As with every adoption, the goal is to make sure it’s a good fit for both the family and the dog. Those interested in learning more about adopting one of these dogs should call (207) 985-3244.







More information about Spirit Bear, Brandon and Oliver, including photographs, will be available on AWS’ website:

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