April Featured Adoptable Dogs

April Featured Adoptable Dogs


2 years old, Great Dane

Searching for a family familiar with the breed. Weighing in at 115+ lbs, he needs space to walk, run, and nap! Tonka loves playing with other dogs and may even enjoy being in the company of a dog-savvy cat.
FMI: popehumane.org


3 years old, Shepherd Mix

Katana has become a staff favorite at PMHS. While it can take a little bit for her to warm up to new people, once she does, she turns into the biggest cuddle bug who loves a good walk. A farm would be wonderful! If not a farm, then a home with plenty of space. Older dog-savvy kids should be ok.
FMI: popehumane.org


6 years old, Shepherd/Boxer Mix

Look at those big brown puppy dog eyes. Athena, the snow-loving pup (she’s looking forward to next winter), is looking for a home where she can be your one and only. Honestly, she’s not a fan of other animals, but she adores people. She’s playful, intelligent, and ready to keep you company.
FMI: popehumane.org


7 year old, Mixed Breed

This sister- brother- pair are looking for their forever home together. Sweet and affectionate lovebugs, they love to adventure and adore attention. They are good on leashes & don’t mind seeing canine friends out & about but would prefer to not share their home with animals.  Kiddos 14+. Shiloh loves to greet his people with hugs
FMI: olddogsnewdigs.com



13 year old, Terrier Mix & 10 year old, Boxer Mix 

A sweet bonded pair of seniors who are looking for a forever home together. Wonderful old guys, and are a bit on the shyer side. But with love and patience they will warm up and bring their new family so much joy. Bodie has some vision and hearing loss, so a mature household would be best.
FMI: olddogsnewdigs.com


15 years old, Jack Russell Mix

Dexter loves his person & wants to be near at all times, preferably touching!  He is doing well with the bigger dogs & cats in his foster home. In public, he greets dogs & people with polite curiosity. Dexter has a seizure disorder which is very well controlled with 2 meds that cost about $20 per month.  He loves walking & hiking.
FMI: olddogsnewdigs.com


1 year old, Catahoula Mix

Brownie was a stray puppy that is very lovable, playful and loyal. He is extremely playful with the other dogs and cats. He would do best without senior animals as he is extremely playful and as for cats when they tell him they don’t want to play – he listens! He is super curious and is a fun loving fella!
FMI: Email: sln2310@yahoo.com



1 years old, Catahoula Leopard Hound Mix

The sweetest girl, she will be your absolute best friend, always by your side. Amber is very food motivated and she will lure you in for more treats with her puppy dog eyes. She loves to play with other dogs and is good with kids 7+ due to her excitement and jumping.
FMI: Email: sln2310@yahoo.com



1 year old, Pitbull Mix

This dude loves nothing more than fun, playing, and socializing with people and other dogs! He’s as smart as a whip and picks up on stuff very quickly! Rooney wouldn’t mind meeting future dog siblings or sharing a home with cats but he will chase! As for kids, Rough and tumble kids would be best.
FMI: pethavenlane.org


2 years old, Shepherd Mix

Kali is simply an amazing dog, so smart and eager to please! She sits and shakes on command, is house and crate trained too. She is also good with other dogs with Slow and proper introductions. She is a laid back girl who does excellent on a leash, who just wants her forever family to hang out with!
FMI: blessedbethebullies.com



10 months old, Mixed Breed

He is active and playful he knows commands sit, etc he is still a mouthy puppy but we love him. Cali is good with other dogs with slow and proper introductions. He is doing great in his foster home not having accidents in the house and he’s crate trained.
FMI: blessedbethebullies.com


2-3 years old, Mixed Breed

She is the sweetest, kindest, loving pup. Currently in foster this sweet girl would love to find her forever home. She loves being outdoors playing with other pups, and loves to snuggle up on the bed even more. She’s house trained and crated trained. She’s great with kids, other dogs, but DOES NOT like cats.
FMI: blessedbethebullies.com

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