Uncommon Dog

Uncommon Dog

Let your pooch spend the day with people, doing activities, interacting with friends, and exploring enrichment opportunities!

Turn to our local dog daycare in Holden, ME


Leaving your pet behind when you go on vacation can be a difficult thing to do. Except when your dog LOVES to go to Uncommon Dog! Uncommon Dog provides dog boarding services in Holden, ME. Private bedrooms where your dog can relax, sleep and eat. They'll also have supervised play time with other pups, so they can get not just exercise but their needs for mental stimulation met too

Our pet boarding facility is climate-controlled, so your pup will be comfortable during their stay. Multi-pet families can also take advantage of our family rooms.




Does your dog enjoy socializing with other dogs?

Doggie daycare is a terrific and enriching way to spend a day for dogs who are social and enjoy the company of other dogs. We offer supervised off leash play in our large facility with 4 indoor play areas for a whopping 6000 sq feet of indoor space plus 6 spacious outdoor areas!

Frequent bonus activities such as kiddie pools, toy based activities (exclusive for dogs who have passed an evaluation and are safe with toys), bubbles and seasonal photos are offered at no additional charge as part of our competitively priced daily rate of $30

Your pet will be matched up with friends of similar playing style through our application, evaluation and three day trial process to ensure they have the best day ever!

Additional services like outdoor walks and zoomie fetch times are available too! See out services page for more


Located on Route 1A in Holden on the way to Acadia National Park


lic # F1957

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