Firefly Kennel, LLC

Firefly Kennel, LLC

378 Simpson Corner Rd Dixmont, ME 04932
207-234-3566 •

Only three years old, Firefly Kennel was designed by owner, Julie Brown, to keep all dogs as happy and stress free as possible.  There are no more than eight kennels in each of four separate rooms. The kennel is clean, clean, clean! And, has an elaborate air exchange system to keep fresh and dry.

There is an automatic back up generator should power be lost. There are multiple spacious outside yards for play which is surrounded by a privacy fence for extra safety. Firefly also offers off leash walks and swimming in the multiple ponds for those who have a reliable recall.

Dixmont is in the heart of Maine between Bangor and Newport. 5 miles from i-95 and 3 miles from route 9/202. Firefly has a warm, caring, and knowledgeable staff.  It’s worth the drive for peace of mind while you are away.

Firefly’s establishing process insures a good fit for you and your dog and lets your dog get used to the routine and staff before longer stays. Come visit! Come see exactly where your dog will stay and play.  For further information, call Firefly at 207-234-3566.

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