5 Things NOT to do when you first adopt your dog

•    Take them to the pet store – It’s exciting you have a new family member and you want to take them shopping for essentials and to pick out new toys. This is not the best idea as your dog is already possibly feeling stressed and this could be a very overwhelming and stressful experience for them. A stressed dog is likely to behave differently than they would in more relaxed, comfortable situation.

•    Take them to the dog park – Your dog has not had a chance to get to know you or bond with you yet. You can’t be certain how they will behave around     other dogs. Get to know your dog before introducing them to other dogs and people. Work on training them to come when called.

•    Invite friends and family over to meet them – Once again, give them time to get to know you and feel  safe in their new home before introducing them to a bunch of strangers.

•    Let them off-leash in a public place – In many cases most public places will require your dog be leashed. Not all people and other dogs enjoy strange dogs approaching them. This set aside, and for many of the same reasons listed above, your dog may run off. You are also liable if they harm another person or dog.

•    Leave them unattended in your yard – The riskiest time for your dog to become lost is in the first few days and weeks you bring them home. One strange noise or something that scares them and they may be gone right over the fence!

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