May Furry Words 2023

May Furry Words 2023

Welcome to May! I love spring days that remind us that the longer, warmer days are here and soon we’ll live with color all around us again! It brings me such peace to see the flowers bloom and to get my hands back into the garden soil. It also means we can walk our pups without bundling up and dealing with mud season! That alone is a win. For those of you new to Furry Words, I’m a psychic for people and pets with most of my readings being done over the phone. I can connect to your pet long distance the same way I can connect with them in heaven- I simply tap into their energy. Here are some of the questions I received on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page. Just a reminder that a reading is not a replacement for licensed medical care. Enjoy!

Nicole asked about Diana, her Sharpei. “Was she in pain?” I feel what the animal is or was feeling, and I don’t feel sharp pain, but I kind of get gas pains in my belly. It’s almost crampy but not as bad as you thought it was. She also said she was working you a bit because she LOVED all the extra attention she was getting. When I was three, I got a shot in my butt cheek and limped for a week. When my cousin Meg came over, she asked if I wanted a horsey ride and let me tell you, I hopped right on! When I got off, my limp mysteriously reappeared. Diana is a little embarrassed I’m telling you this, but she is also grateful that she didn’t suffer. The end of her life was timed perfectly.

Donna C. had a white Lab/Pointer mix named Hans. “Is he OK now, and did he understand all the medical stuff he went through and that I was trying to help him?” He said that there were times where it was like being rushed into an ER after a car accident and not really understanding what was happening because things moved really fast, but he always felt safe and taken care of. He is sorry that the efforts were futile (his word), but he did not have the energy at the end to sustain his life. For that he is sorry. You were his world, and it’s kind of like the tale of star-crossed lovers who have so much potential but life or illness gets in the way. That being said, I see him with your dad in heaven.

Jen B. has a French Bulldog named Bumple and wants to know how she’s healing from her brain infection and if she’s in pain. My ears actually feel a little fuzzy to me when I tap into her energy, like I’ve been at a really loud concert close to the speakers. Her brain feels tired, which is interesting, not like tired after a concussion, but almost…energetically bruised? I don’t think I’ve ever tried explaining this feeling before! The only long-term side effect that annoys her a little is the ears. She almost didn’t make it, and the minute she made peace with that, she recovered. This is a lesson in surrendering for you. As I told my son the other night, when you’re faced with a situation that overwhelms or confuses you, when you go to bed, simply let it go and give it to your higher power to sort out. You both did that, and it worked!

Kathy C. wants to know if Murphy, her Springer Spaniel, is confused or scared at night. Nope. There’s a LOT of energy that swirls around you Kathy, and he’s feeling all of it though! You’re a soul who is a master manifester, and when you ask for something, you usually receive it. When you go to bed, it’s like the ghosts in Harry Potter flying all over the room putting away your stuff or energy from the day. It’s actually really neat to see, but Murphy kind of wishes he didn’t. He knows he’s safe around it, but it’s like being in a hotel, going to bed, and the cleaning staff starts vacuuming around you. I’m chuckling at this, but it’s a lot for him. You can ask the staff to keep helping you, but to please do it a little more quietly!

Katie wants to know what Poppy, her Shepherd in heaven, thinks of her life after death, and does she think of her brother dog Bodie the Goldendoodle? The first answer is about Bodie. She checks in with her the same way you’d look up an old high school or college friend. She sort of takes a peek, smiles at her successes and joy, but it’s not her responsibility to maintain that and just knowing she’s happy is enough. As for heaven, she is being very silly and showing me a cartoon of a dog laying on her side, eating meat off a bone, and then licking her fingers. I’d say she’s loving it!

Thank you to those who submitted questions, and I hope you enjoyed hearing what your pup had to say. If you’d like a longer reading or to learn more about Sara, go to and follow her on Facebook.
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