Furry Words!

Furry Words!

by Sara Moore

Hello everyone! I love seeing the pictures of your dogs enjoying the mud, but I am glad I don’t have to help you bathe them. I’ve been doing a lot of both phone and office readings for people and pets, and I love that I get to share some of the questions with you here. I put the call out for your questions on my Facebook page, and within three minutes, I had more than I have time to answer, so here are the ones from people who type the fastest. 

Sarena C. asked about T-bone, a living elderly boxer who was super skittish as a pup. “Just wondering if his health is okay or if he's in pain. He never whimpers or whines. But never does even when it's visibly bad. He's so stoic and brave.” I love this dog! He isn’t in a tremendous amount of pain, but based on what I feel, he should be. He is a perfect example of what it looks like to have pure faith and love constantly flowing through him. He accepts what he cannot change and finds peace in knowing that there is a true path he was destined to take. He reminds me of a dignified old man, knowing his time is near, but having such peace with his journey and only regretting that he won’t be able to physically see you when he’s gone, but that he will in spirit. My heart just had a jabbing pain, which may indicate that when he’s ready, his heart will simply stop. Wow. T-bone is profound... 

Lisa R. wants to know if Sully, a living elderly Chihuahua, needs her to know anything medically. I just tried to tap into his energy, and I’m laughing because he was sound asleep and snapped his head up
in frustration! This boy Loves his sleep! He actually feels pretty good to me other than the back of his left butt area. The muscles are a bit sore, but when I ask about anything going on with organs, skin, or body systems, they all feel good to me. 

He showed me a yellow stop light but it feels like he’s calling it regular wear and tear. Just a reminder: I’m not a veterinarian, so if you have any concerns, double check with them. 

Tracy M. asked, “Does Justice enjoy traveling? Is he in pain? Anything he needs to feel better? His joints are sore and he’s limping.” I just got a huge yes when I asked if he enjoys traveling, and yes that he is in pain. My front left chest muscles feel exceptionally tight, and my back left hip socket does as well. It’s interesting, I’m sitting as I type this, but I want to pull my back left leg up and in. When I ask what will help him feel better, I get warmth spreading over the area, a muscle relaxant and medium level pain pill, but it will definitely mess him up a bit he says. So maybe he could have that at night or after 5pm. Again, check with a vet to confirm what he says! 

Sandra R. Kizzy said that her childhood dog was loved by her Mom more than us kids! “Are they together? Both are passed.” Absolutely they are. It’s interesting because if she didn’t have the
dog, she would have been a total helicopter parent, which would’ve driven you and your siblings nuts. I like how close you all are because of her distraction. I see her holding the dog close to her face and waving its paw at you. She sends you lots of shiny little things as tokens of her love, much like a crow would do. My right ear also just got wonky, like 

I’m driving up a hill, so when that happens to you, it’s also her way of saying hi. I feel like you have a brother that happens to all the time! Please let him know she’s at peace with him. 

Mardi L. said that their golden retriever Rex is in heaven, and they want to know if he is with our loved one? Rex is with more than one of them and is the center of attention there just as he was here!
Jill E.’s English Pointer Cloe is in heaven, and she asked the same thing. I have someone with a huge round face, kind of pudgy, giving me the biggest smile ever but somehow managing to keep her lips closed! I hope you know who it is because that someone is beaming at you! 

Kimberly H. asked Dude, a deceased toy poodle mix. “Is he ok? I worry we buried him at the farmhouse where we rented? I hate that he’s not with us in our new home.” Rest assured this doesn’t faze Dude at all! even when he was alive, he’d follow you everywhere and that hasn’t changed in spirit. I feel like you get flashes of light in your peripheral vision and that’s his energy. He likes to be on your right side though. And he sleeps on your chest, too! 

Katie O. is curious about my mother's pug Lucy who is not feeling well. She is here on earth still.
My throat instantly gets tight and scratchy, and I have a pain in my upper chest, left side, close to the breastbone and lower than my collar bone. I don’t know what this is at all, but I do get it’s worthy of a vet visit. I’d also have them check her liver. I’m not a vet so ask them what bloodwork they suggest and go with them. That pain in my chest is my biggest concern, and I don’t think it’s cancer. My breathing is also very shallow. every now and then, they tell you how much it will cost, and I’m seeing about $514. 

Hannah B. said she’d like to know if my mom who has passed is now with her dog Sage. yes, but your mom definitely has more than one dog with her, and she is so vibrant! My mom was awesome and classy, and your mom reminds me of her. She’s kneeling down with only one knee on the ground (my left knee hurts as I type this, so hers must have, too), and she’s being smothered with dog kisses! She’s wearing a green Henley style shirt, funky looking gloves or mittens, and Levi jeans. Feel free to reach out and talk to her more because she misses your chats. 

Abbigail s. wants to know why River, a 7yr female adopted German shorthair pointer does not like the CBD oil that keeps her seizures at bay. She really hates the aftertaste, and it makes the bridge of her nose feel funny. My nose just got a little stuffed up as I’m writing this, and my hearing is also feeling echo-y. She knows she needs it but is wondering if it can be given as a shot instead? She says she’d prefer that if it’s possible.
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