Furry Words - September 2022

Furry Words - September 2022

By Sara Moore

The sun is setting before 8pm, which means before you know it, it’ll be fall. Sigh. I love the summer, my garden, the ocean, and the lake, but I really do love wearing sweaters on the cooler days and watching the leaves turn. That being said, let’s not rush it! This month I put out the call for your questions on the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page and they flew in. I’m a psychic for people and pets, which means I do not give medical advice, but if your dog shares any, please talk to your vet. Veterinarians are the medical experts; I’m simply a messenger. Enjoy!  


Rini F. wants to know if Iwa enjoys the sports she does. The short answer is yes; the longer answer is more complicated. She kind of looks at them the way an office worker would look at going to the gym for a workout at the end of the day. They know it’s good for them, they feel better after, but it feels like work while they’re in the midst of it. Iwa feels like they have a bit of a processing delay. They know what you’re asking of them, but they need to hear it, see it, try it, celebrate it, and then move on. They are super proud of their abilities, and they are thrilled when you say it’s time to go. If I ask her if she has anything else to say, she says she’d like a dark blue thin fleece that she can snuggle in. I see it laying on the hardwood floor and her making a total mess of it when she spins around in her sleep.   


Heather S. has a Pitbull named Jake. “Is he happy with his family? And how old is he?” He is happy, but he tends to observe versus consider himself part of the pack all the time. This is strange because he KNOWS he’s yours, but they’re showing me the cousin from the Brady Bunch who would show up, knew he was loved, but still felt a little bit out of place. For the record, I’m almost fifty and I haven’t thought of that show in decades! When I ask his age, I can’t get a clear answer. He feels like a distinguished gentleman that is older than he appears, but has a timeless elegance about him. Jake’s words, not mine. When that happens to me, I go to asking yes/no questions to get an answer. Is he older than three? Yes. Older than five? Yes.  Older than seven? No. 


Amanda S. wants to know if Harry, who is three, ever sees his brother Roman who passed in 2019. Well I didn’t even finish typing this, and I heard a huge YES!!!! And Harry is super excited that you’re even putting this question out there! It’s like you both realized at this very moment you speak the same secret language. He feels so giddy, and I’m trying to ask more questions, but Harry is all over the place. Ha ha! When I said that he’s surprised you asked a psychic, I “saw” a memory of my mom from when I was in elementary school. She had submitted a question to a handwriting analysis column in our local paper, and her initials were M.E.B. Living in a small town everyone knew it was hers, and she was so embarrassed but also really wanted to know what she got from her penmanship. I’m curious if writing in like this is slightly out of your comfort zone! Getting back to your question, Harry doesn’t mind seeing Roman, but there’s time when he just wants to sleep and Roman just lays there staring at him. Roman is watching over Harry because you asked him to, and he’s taking his job very seriously. Until he gets sleepy and dozes off! I love these questions and the dog’s answers! 

Katie O. wants to know how Poppy is feeling with her foot issue. She’s a black and tan German Shepherd. What’s interesting is I don’t really feel anything in her feet that hurts her. My back right feels a little different than the rest and a bit tingly, but I think things are moving in the right direction. Put a visualization to what healing looks like for her. Actually, imagine her foot blasting out whatever ails it, and then imagine fairy energy carrying it up to the full moon. I know that sounds crazy, but we’re made of energy and thoughts affect our vibration, so it can help speed up healing!   


Thank you to all of you who submitted questions about your pups! I am still currently offering phone readings and parties. FMI go to www.enlightenedhorizons.com and follow us on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.   


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