Furry Words October 2022

Furry Words October 2022

By Sara Moore

Happy October!! As a psychic for people and pets, October is usually a pretty busy month due to Halloween and the spooky factor. That being said, you may be surprised that my psychic readings aren’t spooky at all! I connect with spirit and simply relay what I hear, feel, and “see.” I’m too chicken to do big energy clearings and won’t go on a ghost hunt because I know better than to poke the proverbial bear.  Chatting with you about your pets, living and deceased, is what I love! I also chat with human spirits and can give you insight into your past, present, and future, but in Furry Words we stick to the dogs. Just a reminder that a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care. Enjoy!

Katie O. asked what her pup Bodie needs to be happier. He loves routine, routine, routine! I used to teach swim lessons, and kids were fun because they were all over the place with the attention span of squirrels. Adults, however, would schedule an hour to perfect the front crawl arms, and I would struggle to stay awake. Bodie needs repetition and lots of it. He’ll let you know he’s done by laying down and pretending he’s bored. Other than that, he’s thrilled to be your dog, and you’re doing a really great job figuring him out!

Stephanie P. has a one-year-old Sheltie Mix named Stormy. “What causes her anxiety?” Holy smokes:  EVERYTHING!! Imagine looking at a person and being acutely aware that the person is made of billions of individual cells that you can sense or almost see. If you hear a song, you can hear each instrument playing solo before being able to make your brain fuzzy enough to hear them collectively. This dog is on energetic high alert all the time, and if you try giving meds for anxiety they may backfire. I’m not a vet, so ask a vet though! What will help her? A tight shirt or thundercoat. she says, “I need to feel safe looking out of my bubble and at the world.” This is a weird one to try to explain quickly, so if you want, reach out and remind me of what I said, and I’ll try to decode it further if necessary!

Darlene S. wants to know what makes her three-year-old Legacy nervous at dock diving. I actually feel that it’s stage fright!  If you take her and it’s just you two, she’s having a blast, but when there’s an audience, it’s like a fear of public speaking hits. She really, really doesn’t want to disappoint you either, which is adding to the pressure she’s putting upon herself. How do we help her? Well, this is going to sound weird, but I’ve said weirder before...  Imagine that there are mirrors lining the dock, all facing the part she runs, so essentially back at her. That way she can’t “see” the spectators and will hopefully sprint down the dock with a huge smile and her tongue hanging out to the side. Years ago, I did readings at Dock Diving events, and they were so much fun!! She LOVES the hanging out portion and when you sit and have a BBQ with other participants. She looks pretty zonked out by that time, and it’s nice to sit in that space feeling quite content with the day.

Kristy O. wants to know what will help Bugsy, her 11-year-old Dachshund Terrier mix. This dog listens to everything you say in conversations that have no relevance to her and may not even be a done deal. For example, if you mentioned, “Someday I’d love to live in a place where we have a private driveway,” she hears it and instantly thinks you’re moving. I’m curious if you or your partner have a brother who is a busy body because she learned this from somewhere. She is up for a change if you do want to move, but she also would need assurance of how you’re going to arrange her transport in such a way she’s super safe and doesn’t get lost. You can simply let her know humans like to daydream, and if there’s something big coming, you’ll make a major announcement. LOL!


Jan M. asked if Lucky, a 9-year-old cattle dog is happy with his new mom and dad and does he understand? I actually get a feeling of total relief that he’s with them. I want to take a deep breath and exhale slowly to let out all my anxiety. You can exhale now, too. 

Gloriane P. asked about Goose, a black lab mix. “Does he look forward to our winter travels? And what can I do to make him not afraid of the gunshots around our home?” He gets so excited for the winter travels but also tries not to get super excited too far in advance. I get that because when I know I have a vacation planned for months from now, I get all panicky and tend to over plan. For the gunshots, I’m hearing the word Desensitization. I also am being told that you should call a trainer or even someone who trains bird hunting dogs, and they will give you five easy things you can do. Weird, normally they tell ME what they would say to you, but it may also connect you with some people you are meant to know. 

Well, that was fun! I love hearing how many of you have been following this column and look forward to it each, like and follow Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons on Facebook and be ready when I put the call out for submissions. I delete the post as soon as I have enough, which is usually within minutes. Have a great October and say hello to your pups for me! You can learn more about Sara Moore and schedule a private reading at www.enlightenedhorizons.com

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