Furry Words November 2022

Furry Words November 2022

By Sara Moore 

Are you chilly? I have been, but it’s so lovely to have a dog to snuggle with on those brisk nights that we have to get acclimated to. October was full of so many fun events, and it was great to see some of you face to face! I can’t wait to hear what your pups have to say, so let’s get right to the readings. Just a reminder that psychic insight isn’t a replacement for licensed medical care, so use the messages as a way to complement and work with your veterinarian or trainer. 

Cara P. asked about Duby, a deceased Sheltie. “Is there anything he wants to tell me?”  I see an image of an old man who realized he has lost some of his faculties, knows he will not be around for much longer and was completely apologetic and kind to those he knew he was about to leave behind. This dog had a greater sense of self-awareness than most humans do, and the grief you felt after his passing was because he even FELT human at times. He was ever grateful for the time you spent with him, even sitting with his body after he passed. You did a phenomenal job “feeling” it all knowing that if you buried your sadness, it would resurface down the road. I am impressed by both your level of awareness and how you hold your memories of him close to your heart. He really was a once in a lifetime dog. 

Victoria H. said, “Zeal is a mutt but looks like maybe he’s part Dutch Shephard (we call him a hyena). Is there anything he would like me to know to make his life better?” He is a high energy dog and loves to do zoomies, but he’d also like some play structures in the yard. I see a fenced in yard, but I think that’s already there. If you could add a wooden picnic table and maybe a flat bench with no back, he could run all over both of them. If he could talk, you’d hear him whooping it up on what he calls his racetrack. For as much energy as he has, he doesn’t crash/burn/sleep like other dogs I’ve read. He's like the Energizer Bunny, always ready to go! He just said he will drink water out of a water bottle with a squirt top, but if you’re holding it too far away from him, he will chase the water instead of drink it. One more thing is that he prefers to be naked. That just made me chuckle! 

Angela W. wants to know about her Bailey, who has passed. “Is she with us and around us? Or is she somewhere else?” That is a fantastic question. At first, she was around you because you all needed to feel her energy. She says she would never abandon you, and she’s apologetic she had to go because life with you was really enjoyable. Enjoyable is her word, not mine, and she wants credit for using it. When she passed, there was dialogue about who met her in heaven, and then that kind of got some of you talking to them more than you had been, so when that started happening, she spent more time “over there” energetically because you were doing a good job communicating with her and the others yourself! You will absolutely feel her energy around on lazy, gray days. She loves snuggling when she knows you’re in for the day. 

Teri H. has a 2.5-year-old German Shepherd named Seren. “Will I ever be able to trust him loose in the house when I’m not home? Will he always be this mischievous? And what is making him so itchy?” Um, no. He is a busy body and will continue to poke his nose into places he shouldn’t. He said he doesn’t even mean to be. He’s just bored and then snoops because he is a busy body. LOL! When you asked about being itchy, I actually felt it all in my left ear. For me, that’s when a masculine energy/spirit is trying to get my attention. Is your dad in Heaven? If he is, tell him to step away from the dog because his energy is really affecting the vibration around him, and that’s why he’s scratching. The good news is I don’t hear that it’s a food allergy. 

Finally, Susan B. wants to know how Chubb’s back legs feel and if they’re painful. They ache. My left hip totally aches when I “feel” him. It feels as though you’ve run out of options, or the only viable ones are in motion. I would talk to your vet about pain management though. 

Thank you to all who have been reading this column for the past eleven or twelve years that I’ve been writing it! If you’d like a more in-depth reading for you or your pets, you can schedule it through the website www.enlightenedhorizons.com. Have a great November and the next time we meet there could be snow on the ground! YIKES!

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