Hello and welcome to June! I realized the other day that I’ve been writing this column for at least 11 years, and it’s given me such a cool opportunity to meet you and your pets through psychic readings. Before I jump to the good stuff, I want to remind you that a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care, but information that can be used to complement it. That being said, here’s what your pups had to say this month.

Kelly F. asked about Dio, a smiling black Lab. “Does he know he’s actually a dog?” Oh my goodness! I wish all of you could see the picture she sent with the question because he is very much smiling like a human while lying on his back! The answer is no, he really doesn’t, but he likes to use that to his advantage. If he wants to get his way, he’ll act like a sweet dog to work the system. When he doesn’t feel like listening, he pretends he’s not a dog. I can assure you he has found the perfect family with you, and he adores you as much as you adore him.

Sara A. asked Cooper Emitt, a husky mix who is in heaven, if he can run as fast as he did as a pup. I LOVE his answer to this! Of course, he said yes, but he also adds in that he has more knowledge than when he was young, so not only can he run super-fast but he can also take the turns so much better and no longer takes things out during his zoomies. He sends you butterflies and is with your maternal grandmother in heaven.

Claire G. asked how to get Indy to stop jumping on the counters. This is interesting… He said that he needs routine, boundaries, and clear expectations. Imagine a traffic light at a busy intersection when it stops working. Chaos ensues. Even if one person gets out to direct traffic, people tend to at least know what the expectation of them is, and when it’s safe to start and stop. He needs you to direct his traffic. He seems to jump more on the down times when everyone else is being quiet. Even if you wanted to use his crate as home base and a healthy time out (like what I craved as a mom when my son was young), that may help.

Judy R. asked if she let Princess, a fawn pug, down when she was passing. The answer she gives me is “Does not compute!”  You didn’t, but she thinks it’s weird you’re even worrying about it. You loved her so much for every minute of her time with you that she doesn’t understand why you’d question it, but she’s also giving you permission to forgive yourself and cherish the memories. I’m seeing pink carnations in a bouquet of white roses. If you see them on your travels, get them. They’re a gift from her.

Carrot D’A. asked about Maple, a Pit/Shepard/Boxer mix. “Is there anything I can do to change or ensure your happiness?”  I love this dog’s energy so much!! You are a go go-go person, but when you’re home, you’re super content, and she loves when she gets to “nest” with you. She’s showing me a rainy spring day where you just snuggle up on the couch and simply be. You’re getting better at finding your own balance in life, and she’s extraordinarily proud of you! That was her word, too.

Darryl P. had a Chocolate Doodle named Dunkin who passed last week. “Are you with Bentley?” The answer is a huge YES, but they are with so many other of your loved ones, too! I don’t know if someone you are close to had a miscarriage, but there is also a little boy with him. They’re having a blast and Dunkin is super proud of his manners and skills. He’s also wearing a silly bowtie, but he thinks it gives his neck good definition. LOL!

It’s always fun to check in with you and your dogs! If you’d like a longer reading, please go to the website www.enlightenedhorizons.com and follow Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons on Facebook. I now have an office in Conway, NH, and although pets aren’t allowed in the building, I can still read them remotely. You can also find free podcasts with Sara on Spotify and other platforms.
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