Furry Words December 2022

Furry Words December 2022

By Sara Moore

Hard to believe the year is coming to a close and I’m so honored to have read your pups and loved ones in heaven. When I do a psychic reading, I connect with the spirit or energy of a living or deceased soul, which allows me to do it remotely and still dial in even if we’re on opposite sides of the world. I think the furthest calls I’ve had this year were in Belgium and Saskatchewan, Canada, with the closest being in my hometown of Conway, NH. Psychic insight is never a replacement for licensed medical care, so if you do book a session, please consult with the professionals if any medical messages come through. 

One of the harder calls I had was for a woman who rescued a dog who had been with his owner when he passed and was locked in the home with the body for a few days before he was discovered. The client wanted to know if this had traumatized the dog and what she could do to help him best adjust to the new living arrangement. I was just as curious because this is not an everyday call for me! He said that he was not really traumatized at all, which shocked both of us. He said that he was aware that his owner had passed, but that it was also somewhat peaceful sitting with the body. He was relieved his owner was out of pain and knew that he had completed his journey with him and was now excited for his new home. I think we were both surprised and definitely relieved! 

Another dog was sort of an accidental reading. I had just finished an afternoon of readings at a local shop when the owner came out to show me a picture of the dog they were about to adopt. It was a giant Mastiff mix puppy that had huge paws. They asked what I got on the pup but before the dog spoke, the owner’s father popped up instead. Ugh. Some people don’t realize I read people, too, so when their animal brings through people in heaven and I know it, it can catch them completely off guard. In an effort to give him a fighting chance, I asked if his dad was in heaven, to which he replied he was and added a Thank God.”  Here’s what I told him. “Your dad was not a nice man. He acknowledges that and apologizes for how rough he was.”  He then said that he was the reason they stumbled upon the dog online and that he wanted his son to show him how much love he has and infuses into his life, which he clearly didn’t learn from his dad. I looked up and there was a look of shock and comprehension. He asked me how I knew his dad was there, so I described him and he said, “Yup! That’s him alright!”  Sometimes dogs show up when we’re ready for our souls to heal and evolve, and this was a late gift from his father to him. 

Another reading was for a woman’s dog that had severe anxiety. I was at Four Your Paws Only in North Conway, NH for their Howl-oween party, so there were plenty of people and pets shopping all around us, but her sweet little pup jumped up on her lap and sat there staring at me the entire time. She couldn’t believe it because the dog is normally a hot mess in busy places! I laughed and told her that I started my business about fifteen years ago by going to dog shows and pet stores, so I had to create a nice little energetic bubble that was all mine. Before I start for the day, I imagine light and love flowing around me, my table, chair, space and pop-up tent if I have one. I do Reiki energy work so it’s a great way to set the stage for a peaceful visit. The dog relayed to her that it wasn’t really anxiety but the feeling of everyone else that made her shake in public. She LOVED being with her and being seen, but she asked me to teach the mom how to create a safe space that the two of them could be in. She promised to try it, and I watched the little pup confidently prance away when we ended. I love that! 

Finally, I want to remind you that all pets are at peace in heaven. Only once in my time doing this did a dog announce she was angry about death, but when I asked her why, she said her owners never let her have puppies. They were crushed but said that they had to get her spayed as soon as they got her because she had a massive infection. If they hadn’t done so, it would’ve killed her. She said, “OHHHHHH! Well then, I’m fine!”  And that was that. I have read thousands if not hundreds of thousands of animals and that is the only one who left here with a regret, which became a misunderstanding, and she is now fully at peace. Please take that with you and be comforted by it. They love you dearly and are grateful for all you do, even on your bad days. 

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets located in Conway, NH. You can schedule a private reading, book a party or event, and learn more at www.enlightenedhorizons.com and by following her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.


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