Furry Words April 2023

Furry Words April 2023

Welcome to April!!! We have made it through the darkest months, and the rich earth that’s been buried under snow is slowly starting to wake up. I love everything about this time of year except for the muddy floors, but it’s worth putting up with if it means spring is here! This month I want to share a super cool reading with you that highlights how animals are here to help us evolve and heal on so many levels. Before I get into the story, I want to remind you that I don’t need the animal in front of me to do a reading. It’s actually easier when it’s done over the phone because I don’t get distracted by them moving around (or more realistically, me wanting to just snuggle up with them) and my ego isn’t looking at them for feedback. I can connect with your loved ones in heaven by “dialing in” to their energy, and I do the same when I’m reading someone remotely.

This morning I was reading a sweet dog named Piper who is a mixed breed rescue. She’s white with a gray pattern on her face that looks like a mask. The owner was well prepared for her session and had a list of questions, which makes my job super easy! The first was why is Piper so afraid? The word afraid didn’t resonate, but she said that she was very timid and shy. She also explained that she is a total empath and feels the world on a cellular level instead of lightly or even as an observer. To better explain this, I told the owner that if she and I were at a party, we’d be so excited to try all the food, sip all the drinks, and dance until we felt we were done. That could be an hour or the entire evening, but we want to feel it ALL during our time here. We also are like turtles with shells. We can put ourselves out there, but we have healthy energetic boundaries. Piper said that she was more like a naked turtle and everything she experienced felt like it came in contact with overly sensitive skin. She didn’t have the tools to protect her energy, which is why she picked this woman to be her person.

The second question was why she seemed to shy away from her husband. I chuckled at this because the woman is a total empath who enjoys the ride, but he is someone who is much more linear, and if something is broken, there must be a way to fix it. The dog’s nervous and hiding? Bring her into the living room! Unfortunately, Piper relayed that she actually feels safer at times being in the kitchen, napping in the corner away from them. She related this to a child who has only known being bounced around in foster homes living in a peaceful, loving home for the first time. At bedtime, they turn off all the lights because they think it will help them sleep. For the child, being in the dark was unsafe. Piper felt a little safer in the dimly lit kitchen but assured them she’d work on letting go of her old fears. She also relayed that they stemmed from her first home, which had a wife that was terribly abused by her husband. Again, she reminded the woman that she KNOWS she is safe, but it will take some time to have the confidence that this new normal is locked and loaded.

She asked if Piper was happy. She instantly gushed about how much she loved her new family and shyly asked for a blue raincoat with a hood. She totally looked like Little Red Riding Hood and was super cute! She then went on to explain that she’d like to feel more like a porcupine than a naked turtle. She said that dogs like thunder coats because it disrupts and filters energy that comes at them, and if she was a porcupine, and if energy looked like bubbles, they would pop on the quills before hitting her core. She could still experience life but more as an observer.

The final part of this reading that just fascinated me is that I felt the woman's great grandmother around her and let her know that Piper could feel her, too. The great grandmother explained that she and this woman were super similar. They were both strong women who cherished family and loved ones. They were in awe of their journey and grateful for the ride, which she said the woman did not learn from her own mom. She laughed out loud and assured me she definitely did not; her mom had been very standoffish. The great grandmother was around because I had given the woman tools to do energy work on Piper, and in nurturing the dog, she was nurturing herself. In doing that, it was giving generational healing to her mother, grandmother, and then making peace with that great grandmother's generation as well. See how it’s all connected? Just fascinating!!

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who does readings internationally. She is also available for office readings in North Conway, NH, but unfortunately pets aren’t allowed in the building. FMI go to www.enlightenedhorizons.com and follow along at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons on Facebook. She also hosts a podcast on Spotify and Audacity.

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