Furry Words - August 2021

Furry Words - August 2021

By Sara Moore

We have made it to August, which feels like a miracle with all we’ve been through in the past year or so. I am in my first summer with my five-year-old chocolate Lab, and most of my free time is now spent vacuuming up her hair. It’s worth it to have a hiking companion and sweet pup in the family, but I had to go buy a better vacuum and mop! I put the call out for questions and am excited to share what your dogs had to say. Just a reminder, I’m a psychic and not a veterinarian. If I relay anything medical, it’s only coming from a psychic perspective, and you need to work with a licensed vet to manage their care. Enjoy!

Kelly T. asked about Carpy, who is in heaven. He was her first dog and best friend in the 70s and 80s, and she thinks of him all the time. “Just wondering how he is.” I actually think this dog shows up as different people in your life, which sounds crazy, but that seems to be how I roll in readings! Our spirit guides are souls that we hand our agenda to before we’re born, and they help keep us on track. They are the people that make sure we meet a potential spouse, get the perfect job, prevent us from being in a fatal or catastrophic car accident, etc. Carpy acted like a guide for you and was the one who showed you what you were capable of. They looked to you for instructions and feedback, and they were excited to watch you mature. I do see their energy “checking in” on you in other ways, whether it be from a seemingly random conversation with a stranger or someone at the toll booth being extra smiley with you. It’s pretty amazing and explains why they are on your mind so much!

Mary C. wrote, “My dog’s name is Maggie. She is brown, white, and black. What I want to know is if she is in pain.” Again, I’m not a vet, but I do feel what they are physically feeling. I get a strange feeling in my right temple and a slight headache, but the rest of my body feels pretty good! I have a little bit of pain in my left hip, but if she's on medication for it , I’d say it’s working great!

When I saw this question from Joyce S., I thought I can’t answer a cat question in a dog magazine! But it IS about how the cat feels about the dogs, so I’m going for it. She said, “Sara could you please ask my orange and white long-haired cat, Robin Williams, whether he feels neglected because of the time I spend with the two dogs?” First of all, I love the cat’s name! Secondly, the cat doesn’t feel neglected but has definitely learned how to use your guilt to his advantage. I see him watching you with the dogs and plotting his introduction to the scene, timing it perfectly so you feel even MORE guilt for “neglecting” him. Which you are not! What a stinker! He would love a collar if he doesn’t already have one though. It looks a little bulkier than what I’d use for a cat, but he says it looks stylish, and it’ll make the dogs jealous. It’s light blue, is made of a not super pliable almost shiny material and has the belt buckle clasp and no bell.

Meils P. asked about Igby, her little mixed small mutt. “We had each other for 18 years. I hope he thinks I made the right decision at the time. I actually dreamed last night that I hadn't.” Oh, I want to give you a huge hug and tell you how relieved he was that you DID make that decision when you did! He says that he was out of gas, and if his life was a marathon, he would’ve collapsed five feet before the finish line. You did right by him, and I think the dream was to inspire you to ask a question and find peace.

Kristen H. asked me to check in with Maggie and Lola, both of whom have passed. “Miss them dearly- are they together? Are they ok?” It’s very funny to try to answer that because Lola is fiercely independent, and Maggie can be a cling on. They are together in terms of both being in heaven, but if they weren’t related to you, they probably wouldn’t show up at the same party. That’s not a negative thing! Also, they’re asking you to grab the wheel and figure out what you want to get out of your life. You have so many people who have showed you what you DON’T want, but few who have showed you what you do. Go make it happen girl! That’s from Lola, actually!

Finally, Sarena C. asked about T-bone, a brindle Boxer who has terminal cancer. “Is he in extreme pain? Can I help him anymore than I am?” Have you ever swallowed a butterscotch candy or piece of ice and felt it kind of stuck in your airway but lower down? I get that same sensation when I tap into T-bone. I do have pain, but it’s like I can actually feel the tumor. I also am hearing the word rupture, so you may want to work with your vet to discuss your options. I don’t think you can do anymore for him. You have gone above and beyond what most of us are capable of and I love that you know that you will honor him by not letting him suffer when it’s time to say goodbye.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s mini readings! If you’d like to schedule your own, you can do so at www.enlightenedhorizons.com. To have a chance to have your question answered follow Sara on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

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