Furry Words - September 2021

Furry Words - September 2021

By Sara Moore

How is it September?  Do I say this every year?  Probably!  Well, go get your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy what some of the readers wanted to know about their pups.  When I put the call out for questions I need their name, what kind or color, if they’re living and what you’d like to know.  I’m an animal communicator who uses psychic insight to connect with them and anything medical I relay needs to be discussed with your veterinarian because I have no training in that field.

Jacqueline B. asked about Jo-Jo, but didn’t have any specific questions.  When I tap into their energy, they have such a great side-eye look when they are disgusted with someone or when they’ve just gotten comfortable and then have to move.  This dog is loyal all day long and can easily be convinced to be loyal to anyone who feeds her.  If I ask if she’d like you to do anything differently, she says she doesn’t like being brushed if there are any tangles or anything that would make a brush catch on the hair.  You really only have one time where it snags, and she's done.  She prefers really bland treats like dehydrated white chicken breast.  What is hysterical is as I’m typing this my mouth is totally salivating!!!

Binaca H. wants to know about Nala, an English Mastiff who was fawn colored and is now in heaven. She’d like to know how often she’s around energetically.  What a sweet girl she was!!!  WOW!  She has a mouth like a bird dog where she wouldn’t even leave marks on a hard ball, but it does look wet and covered in dirt!  She is around you as much as she possibly can be, but when you’re working, she doesn’t like to distract you and she “sleeps.’  She said she did the same when she was alive because when you’re on a creative streak if you get interrupted, you get all thrown off.  How will you know she’s around?  My right ear just totally felt like I had a hair in it, and I tried to get it out, but that’s her messing with the energy around you.  Pay attention to that, and she likes it when you thank her for being there.

Ashley S. wants to know why Zola, who is red with white markings, and gets grumpy with my other dog at times for just existing.  This question totally cracks me up because she is like a mother who just got all the kids fed, cleaned the sink, and then someone says, “I’m hungry.”  She loses her mind!  She likes routine, control, and when SHE’S done for the moment or the day, how dare anyone else have an agenda?!  She is so funny because it’s like she’s looking for things to be grumpy about.  I’m curious what your maternal grandmother was like, or if not her, your great grandmother.  I actually think great grandmother because your grandmother tried to over compensate and was always sweet as pie she says.  Sometimes people are so afraid if they get too comfortable in a good space, it could be ripped away from them, and then it’s worse because they had allowed themselves to feel joy.  I honestly think Zola is trying to help you understand how your mom and grandmother came to have their individual and very different approaches to life.  This may sound crazy (trust me- I’ve said crazier), but sometimes it takes an animal to open our hearts and minds to a life lesson.

Ann T. wants to know about Star, a brindle-color, small Australian Shepherd. Is she happy? YES!  I didn’t just get a subtle yes, she yelled it!  “She’s always anxious (She came to me that way) and I’d like to know if she likes her life, what can I do to add to the quality of her life, and what she doesn’t like/want.”  I honestly think you’re doing a phenomenal job with her.  She’s a soul with a lot of experience as pure energy, but it’s her first time in a physical form.  She picked you because you are a protector of souls and you are gentle.  You bend and sway with her versus in opposition to her.  I think her previous owners tried to dominate her to let her know her place in the pecking order, but that isn’t how she’ll shine.  If there’s thunder or a loud vehicle, you tell her what it is and she becomes more comfortable with it.  If you’re grumpy (which doesn’t happen often), you explain to her what happened, how it made you FEEL, and what you’re going to do to shed that emotion.  You are helping her understand humanity in such a way that if she chooses to come back as a human, she will be more effective at helping others find peace and love even in the moments and times of darkness.  WOW.  What an amazing connection you two have!  Ann also asked me to “Tell her I can be trusted and that I love her.”  Her answer to you is that she never questioned that at all, and she felt relieved when she found you.  You are her person.

Andrea H. asked about Odin, her German Shepherd. “Why does he need to be so reactive, and how can I help him not be?”  Have you watched the Star Wars movies or Star Trek when the ship goes light speed and all you see are stars flying past the windshield?  That is how information comes in for him, and it’s completely overwhelming.  The way he’s showing it to me is new and fascinating for me, but I can also see why it’s too much all at once.  When I was pregnant, there were certain smells that seemed to be dialed up past a normal level.  That is how smells are for him.  Noises are sharp and sometimes painful, so he reacts physically to them.  And when there are people around he’s watching the world in fast forward.  How to fix it is the next question I asked him, and he said that he would love energy work done on him.  I do Reiki, but there are other options out there, too!  If he were a human, he would do great going to a spa with relaxing music, guided visualization, and cucumbers on his eyes.  He really wants to figure this out as much as you do!

Thank you to all who asked about their pups, and I hope you enjoyed this month's mini readings!  Hard to believe in a month we’ll be looking straight into the colder months, so enjoy the warm autumn days when you can.  If you’d like to schedule your own, you can do so at www.enlightenedhorizons.com.  To have a chance to have your question answered, follow Sara on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

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