Furry Words - October 2021

Furry Words - October 2021

By Sara Moore

We made it through the beautiful autumn days and are headed into the colder weather, warm cider, and maybe even the first snow! I have been busy doing phone readings and always get excited to connect with you through this column. I’m a psychic for people and pets, but any medical insights are coming purely from a psychic perspective and should be discussed with a licensed veterinarian. Here are some of the submissions I received when I put the call out for questions on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page.

Lisa R. asked about Sully, her 14-year-old Chihuahua. “Why did you have a seizure? Do you feel ok?” I actually get a bit of a headache when I feel his head. There’s a little bit of pressure along my temples, which isn’t painful but feels a bit uncomfortable. When I ask him about the seizure, he looks at me with a totally blank stare. I honestly don’t think he even remembers having one! It’s like the Men in Black movies where they use the flash of light to erase memories. That being said, I hear the words hydrostatic pressure as an underlying cause. I’m sure that’s not the correct medical terminology but ask your vet what it would mean. I feel like there’s a medication that will prevent any future ones but may make him pretty loopy. He’s fine if you decide to use it to treat him. He feels great otherwise! His muscles are so tight in the morning, but once he gets his blood flowing, he’s back in action- his words!

Kailee P. wants to know about her boxer Dexter, who is ten years old and fighting seizures. She wants to know if he’s okay. Well, as a psychic, it’s interesting to me when I get similar questions in one day. I do have to say again that I’m not a veterinarian, but I can check in from the dog’s perspective. Dexter makes my nose feel funky right away, but that always happens with boxers and pugs! It’s a pretty funky feeling for me actually. I’m “looking” in his brain, and it feels like it’s neurological. I’m watching nerves fire but not connect to the next one. Imagine a wire that is frayed, so you can see some sparks but not enough to get it to go beyond the frayed area. Unfortunately, I don’t get that this is something that you can stop completely, but you may be increase the intervals between them.

Sarena C. has an English Mastiff named Brutus who is nine years old... “Have we done enough to heal his grieving heart? He lost his brother a month ago.” What is fascinating to me is that most of the time dogs don’t grieve the ones who have gone before them because their perspective on life and death is so different than ours. That being said, Brutus really did struggle with the loss. He was worried that he wouldn’t be enough for you. The other dog was the silly, fun one that people loved, and he was allowed to be the wing man. That role felt comfortable to him, but what he doesn’t realize is that Brutus is the sweetheart that everyone loves. You have done an exceptional job helping him heal. You are loving, kind, supportive, gentle and have been telling him that his brother is alright, and he can still think of him, and he’ll hear his thoughts. I wish more people were as aware as you are. I’m sending you all lots of love and healing.

Patti C. asked if Sky, a Newfoundland, was ready to go when he passed. Absolutely. He looks like an old man who has outlived his family, is about to outlive his money, and has made peace with all aspects of himself. It’s a beautiful image, and one that only comes with a life well lived. He sends you little birds as signs that he’s around you, and also there’s a breeze when you’re outside thinking about him when it’s been otherwise still. You were his keeper, and he was your boy. That will forever be. Wow. I love that message!

Kimberly P. has a dog named Valour. “Tell me where your pain is located? Help me understand the problem.” My shoulder blade area instantly hurts when I type this. My muscles feel super tight, like someone with cerebral palsy. When I ask what would make him feel better, I hear heat. When he’s warm, it loosens him up. I also just heard CBD but in liquid versus capsule or treat form. Ask your vet first, though!!

Jessica lost her dog Bear, a black lab, who passed away early last year. “He was living with my ex for the final year of his life after we split, so I’d ask him how his last year was and tell him I’m so sorry I didn’t get to say a final goodbye.” Well, this is an interesting answer. He knows you loved and always will love him. You gave that boy so much love and also explained to him that you had to go and he couldn’t go with you. There is no resentment from him about that. He adored you. Your ex needed him but didn’t appreciate him as much as you did. You letting him have the dog was not only an olive branch but also a way for your ex to potentially get his act together, which he clearly did not. Do something for Bear everywhere you go with water. You can put a leaf in the stream and watch it float away, symbolizing you letting him go at the end. You can toss a stick in the water and tell him that he can get it all day long as spirit. You were never meant to be broken by his ending, and for that, he apologizes.


Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who lives in Conway, NH. She is available for phone readings and events. You can learn more at www.enlightenedhorizons.com and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

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