Furry Words - November 2021

Furry Words - November 2021

By Sara Moore

Welcome to the end of autumn and colder days and nights! If you have a dog, hopefully they’ve been keeping you warm! My pup and I are enjoying walks without bugs chasing us and cooler air, so I’m happy to be spending more time back in nature. As you know I’m a psychic for people and pets and in this column I do mini readings for some of the people who follow my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook Page. Any information conveyed is not a replacement for licensed medical care, so check with your licensed veterinarian if any medical or nutritional insight is given.

Patty H. asked about Bailey, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever. “Are you in pain and is your eye bothering you?.” My left eye feels a little different or cold. I’m not sure how to describe that, kind of like getting a little bit of soap in it but not so much you are crying. It isn’t painful, but it’s slightly uncomfortable. She says she’s a good girl for not touching it! The rest of her body feels really, really tired. When I first tapped into her energy, I asked her how she was feeling and I saw an image of an elderly woman in a hospital bed who knows there’s nothing that can be done to resolve any of the pain but that the end will come sooner than later. I feel like you’ll know when she’s ready to cross the rainbow bridge, and she will feel sweet relief when that day comes. And you will be given so many signs she’s around! And your parents will, too.

Tiffany M. has Scout, a mini Australian Shepherd. “Why does he keep biting at his body and peeing in the house?! His vet said it's behavior related and not a health concern.” Well, this is going to sound nuts (Yes, I’ve said that in other entries), but she’s being harassed by sprite-like energy. Tiffany you are a super playful soul who has gotten sucked into the grown-up world of adult responsibilities. We all do, but us sprites need more fun and silliness! I would love for you to have a dance party in your house or kitchen, play keep-away with Scout, or do something that makes you giggle and sweat and let go of the burdens of life! That will also give the energies in your house a release, which they are desperately looking for. Ok, I’m not going to sound any more normal saying this, but here’s what I’m hearing. You know those glass balls with a stem that you can fill with water and put in your plants so they drink the water as they need it? I see one of those, green with white, in a plant with the intention it’s for the Fairies and Sprites. That will keep them busy staring at their reflection and away from Scout. I would love to know if this works!

Jayne M. has a three-year-old Beagle mix named Manny. She wants to know how she can get him to listen without bribing him with treats. He’s too heavy now and nothing else seems to work. Oh my, he has you wrapped right around his paw! He’s totally doing this intentionally and has you in checkmate. Well, he thinks he does, but I hear that we can take back the reins. Manny isn’t as intelligent as he thinks he is, so if you want to bribe him with a treat but it’s really a piece of his dinner kibble, he’ll never know. Whatever you feed him for treats comes out of the serving at mealtime. He is more intent on getting you to serve him versus tank him up on snacks. Eww! Take a look at your life, in the career aspect, and see who else plays this game with you. It’s one thing to do a lot for others if you chose to, another if they’re simply demanding that you do and taking advantage of you. It may be time for you to be true to yourself and ask others to help themselves! I love it when our pets give us these reminders!

Glotrian P. wants to know if Goose, a black lab mix, loves traveling out West in the winter as much as they do. Holy smokes I couldn’t even type that question without hearing him scream YES!!! He LOVES it! I want to get out of the car and play in the snow with him. He thinks the smells are even better there, and he has his people who love him. Oh my goodness, he would get in the car right now if you told him it was time to go! I also see you giving him a fast-food hamburger, which isn’t the only reason he loves going, but it is really exciting as well.

Melissa A. asked about Jazmin Grace, a yellow lab mix, 6-7 years old. “We rescued her in North Carolina when she was about one year old. Why is she so scared of certain noises and does she like her one-year-old brother pup named Titan?”. I don’t think she saw much of the outside world before you adopted her. I see her in a cement block style building, the only windows are up high and are horizontal rectangles, and the noises in there echo. Actually, that could be the shelter if not where she was raised. She had to focus so hard to decipher what was “normal” dog noises and which ones meant The Man was coming in. What a horrible feeling I get when I say that. The good news is I don’t think she was being raised as a bait dog, but the man in charge was very heavy handed and didn’t care who saw it. He instilled fear in a lot of his coworkers, and he even makes me uncomfortable.

She knows the coast is clear, but just like someone who grows up in the inner city, certain noises are going to trigger a fight or flight response. She did just say she’d inhale treats made with CBD to ease her anxiety if the vet gives the ok. Be careful- she’s super sensitive to them and a little will go a very long way! You may also want to try a white noise machine to help turn her brain off. As for Titan, she loves him, but I also get the feeling that Titan is the golden boy who can do no wrong, and she’s getting frustrated that things come so easy for him. The funny thing is I would say they’re almost equal in ability and sass. Sass! That came out before I could stop it!

If you’d like a reading with Sara, you can schedule through the website www.enlightenedhorizons.com or call text (603)662-2046. To have a chance to have a mini reading in the Furry Words column, follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons and be on the lookout for the call for questions in the middle of the month.

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