Furry Words - March 2022

Furry Words - March 2022

We’ve had some beautiful days that remind me that spring is coming! Until then, I have a very muddy dog who loves to lay on my furniture. I hope yours at least picks the floor or its own bed until things dry out. Every month I ask for your questions, but I recently had such an amazing reading that I’d love to share with you this month instead. So many times people call me for a reading about their dog, but it ends up being about their personal journey instead. This call is a perfect example of what I mean. Enjoy!

One woman called me about her dog Fred who passed in December. He was a sweet Chihuahua Terrier mix with a HUGE personality! Both breeds can have some “interesting” quirks, but he was as peaceful and happy as could be. When she asked if she brought him to his final vet visit too early, he laughed and said HE picked the day, and he was grateful she listened. She was silent for a few seconds before saying that in the weeks leading up to his death, she kept seeing the numbers 12:12. After saying goodbye to him, she realized it was December 12th. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty amazing.

She asked who Fred was with in heaven, and I instantly “saw” her paternal grandfather. He was waving Fred’s paw at her as if to wave, and Fred was completely unimpressed. She laughed and said he always hated when she did that to him! She didn’t remember her grandfather, but he told her how proud of her he was and that she has not only a tremendous sense of humor but also a faith that things will always work out as they should, which may not always be the way we desire. Even in the few minutes I’d been reading her, I could tell this was her approach to life and she agreed. She asked how she’d know her grandfather and Fred were around. I felt goosebumps on the top of my head and said when she feels that, it’s Fred, but for her grandfather, I heard Kermit the Frog singing The Rainbow Connection. She gasped. She said that last week she was in a store and that song was playing! I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I heard that song!

She was so devastated without Fred who had been her constant companion for over ten years. He actually said he really missed her, too. This may sound normal to you, but for me, animals are usually confused when you ask me if they miss you. To them, they’re talking to you and always able to check in, so missing you isn’t really a concept they grasp. Fred did miss her though and said that they had had many lives together as humans. Stay with me here; I know this sounds crazy, but it’s not really to me! Fred said that they were so comfortable being together as souls that in this life, they planned for him to show up for a bit (shorter than a human life, so as a dog), and she could show him everything she’s capable of. He had 100% faith in her ability to keep him safe and happy. She was rocking this lifetime and was about to fall in love.

When I told her that, she laughed, but Fred said that by leaving when he did, she was ready for her next chapter. He described the man who was about to enter her life and what kind of fun they’d have together. The coolest part was this man would totally embrace her love for the dog even though he was on the other side. She admitted that her ex-boyfriend was always jealous of her love for the dog. We both had a good chuckle at that!

Before our call ended, I told her how I thought she’d most effectively be able to communicate with her sweet boy in spirit. When I do a reading, so many images flash through my head. I see them the same way I see what I ate for breakfast, and I tell people the images come through like a memory that isn’t mine. I also have a dialog in my head with their energy. I’m a great psychic because I tell you all the crazy things I’m hearing, and more often than not, there is relevance in what is relayed. Instead of seeing images, I sensed that she would simply have conversations with Fred in her head. I encouraged her not to discount it or think she’s crazy because he was super excited to connect with her and be her energy buddy moving forward.

I know that this is not quite a normal dialogue, but it works for me, and when we know what our pups want or how we can help them live a more fulfilling life, it’s simply amazing. You can find more information at www.enlightenedhorizons.com and follow us on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. Enjoy the longer days and good luck with mud season!

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