Furry Words March 2023

Furry Words March 2023

Happy March! This is the first year in more than I can count that I have not gone skiing. I’ve made peace with it, and Mother Nature seems to be helping me out by giving us warmer days that make walks more enjoyable. My dog Syd, a now seven-year-old Chocolate Lab, lays down and seems to double her body weight when she thinks we’ve walked far enough. It’s always been very funny to watch such dogs on America’s Funniest Home Videos but not as funny when you really want some fresh air and exercise. I’m excited to share this month’s animal readings with you because the questions were so different, and the dogs were super clear in their answers. Just a reminder, I have zero medical training, so psychic insight isn’t a replacement for licensed veterinary care.

Doreen M. asked about her Rottweiler Maggie who passed in May of 2022. “Did she greet my husband when he joined her? She sure is missed. Mack, our male Rottweiler who is here with me, misses her also.” I’m sorry for the loss of your husband but knowing he was going to see her as he transitioned gave him the peace to go gently through the light. I see him down on his knees, sort of sitting on his heels, hugging her, and she's so excited she’s wiggling all over the place. The gift she gave both of you was the assurance they’d take care of each other. That’s beautiful. Mack does miss her but also loves the quiet. Having Maggie around was like having a house guest who was always on the go. He is happy to be laying low!

Terri H. has a German Shepherd named Seren who will be three years old in May. “I would like to know what he's feeling when he sees other dogs that sometimes makes him usually reactive and sometimes not. How can I help him with that?” Seren is seeing their energy and that of the owner. If I have a super grumpy day but I have psychic readings, I must push it away, put the smile on and step into the light. The people you see all have things going on in the background and even though they may be smiling doesn’t mean there aren’t much harder emotions under the surface. This dog could be a canine lie detector or be trained to sniff out gluten or cancer. He’s super vigilant and self-aware! To help him, just remind him that you’re going to meet people wherever they are emotionally and not everyone likes to air their dirty laundry. That’s their right and you respect that.

Kellie T. has a bullador(bulldog/lab mix) who will be 9 this month. She has been acting a little strange lately and completely under foot at all times. She’d like to know what's going on with her. Ok, I have a few questions that I wish I could ask you right now! Are you pregnant or were you pregnant? If so, were you afraid you would lose the child? I feel like she’s picking up on your energy and is afraid she’s going to miss a really important milestone in your life. If you’re pregnant, I’m not predicting a miscarriage at all, so don’t panic! She can essentially hear/feel your thoughts. What are you worrying about? Put on the frozen soundtrack and “Let it Go!” I also want to tell you that we can make all the plans in the world, but if it’s in our best interest for the timing to be different or for it to play out in a way other than what we expect, it is something we need to learn to say “Thank You” to.

Connie R. said, “We had Scooby for a short 99 days. Never did find out how his liver failed him. He was a Great Dane.” His liver feels like it was born with a deficiency. That word is the one I’m being told to say, and for me, it looks like it wasn’t completely formed or if it was there, was an adhesion or something that prevented it from growing with him. He says, “Don’t worry! I loved you more and had a blast with you! He energetically checked out before his physical body passed, and he still hangs out in your home. Imagine being a foster child and knowing you hit the lottery with the family you’re with for 99 days. You learn that you are actually lovable, that you have a voice, that you are an equal regardless of your “other” home. Scooby took it all in, and you made him shine. He is forever grateful. He’s also sending you pennies from heaven. He’s pretty funny- I’m trying to keep the answer short and sweet, but he keeps talking!

Diane H. asked how her fawn Boxer named Baby was doing and how she is feeling. I actually feel really good considering! She makes my left upper inner arm feel a little sore. I’m not a vet, but it feels more like lymph than muscular. The other image that flashed in my mind is my son and when he had a growth spurt, his body hurt, and I think her growing pains were real. She simply adores you, and I feel like you wake up to her staring at you. Then she gets super excited like the first person to wish you happy birthday!

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