Furry Words -August 2022

Furry Words -August 2022

Hello everyone! We have made it to the dog days of summer, and I hope you have been able to enjoy them. Last year my garden was so abundant that it felt like I was constantly processing veggies to be enjoyed throughout the winter. It is also the time that my chocolate Lab started having belly issues, which happened to go away when the season ended. Turns out I made so many things with zucchinis, tomatoes, fresh herbs, carrots, green beans, and everything else coming out of the garden that she ate a few too many scraps, and they irritated her belly. She still gets excited when I put on my apron, but now she only gets to watch and not sample all of the product. Sorry girl! Here are some of your questions about your pups and a mini psychic reading on them. Just remember that they’re not a replacement for licensed medical care and all answers are coming from spirit and psychic insights. Enjoy!


Darlene S. wants to know about Legacy. “What is the missing puzzle piece to make you confident to jump off the dock? You can’t have other dogs there, so what else can I do?” Oh my goodness the thought of having other dogs there is even more stressful than none at all!  Legacy flat out doesn’t want to jump. Dogs are intimidated by the distance they must go above the water, they can’t see where the water begins because of the reflections from the sky, and they also don’t have the confidence that they’re smart enough to find their way out after. I see a dog trying to doggie paddle up and back onto the dock, which clearly won’t work! I’m showing them a beach or a ramp and they still say “NOPE.” Well, that’s not helpful! Treats as a reward aren’t even cutting it! The last image I “see” in my head for a solution is of a big yellow floating compressed foam mat that they could lounge on. It’s floaty enough that they could also walk directly from the mat back onto the dock, but I know they are pricey, and I hope you can borrow one before purchasing just in case Legacy decides she still doesn’t want to jump. At this point, the dogs are also enjoying all the attention they receive when you’re trying to practice!


Kathleen B’s Boxer Ty went over the rainbow bridge May 23 due to bone cancer. She’d like to know if he’s ok and if they made the right decision for their heart and soul dog. You absolutely did. I feel like from the outside it could have looked like you jumped the gun, but the dog says you definitely did not! They make me feel totally out of it and like the pain meds make them so zoned out that it didn’t quite count as living anyway. Ty says that they know how hard that decision was for you to make, and they’re eternally grateful. Your grandmother on your father’s side also says that it was a merciful and beautiful gift to give him at the end.


Amanda S. has Harry, a black Lab mix. She’d like to know if he still sees his fur brother Roman and how often? They never met in this lifetime. First, Roman totally cracks me up! He is the quiet enforcer who doesn’t need to say much to make a huge impact. I see an image of a teenager trying to sneak out of the house way past curfew and dad, or Roman, standing there in the shadows with his arms folded across his chest and just shaking his head “No.” No words are necessary to know that it was a bad idea, and you’d just crawl back to your room. So yes, Harry sees him a lot but usually when he’s about to make a very poor decision. Which he says he does quite often! I’m still chuckling over this one!


Patty R. reached out about Jasper, who is a German Shepard and just wanted to know what he has to say. He likes routine, but also likes his routine to be a little more loosey goosey. He’s fine with getting up and going for a walk or out to play, but it doesn’t have to be at the same time every day. It feels like you need it more than him, and he’s giving you permission to slack off a little bit if you feel like it. That also sounds totally out of your comfort zone!


Finally, Kendra has a black Lab named Bullet and would like to know what hurts. My lower back instantly aches when I read this question, and it feels like his muscles are super tight. In my younger years, I’d do triathlons and they were great until having to drive home while my muscles seized up. I get a similar feeling in him, so ask your Vet what they’d recommend to help make him feel better.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you’d like a chance at being picked, follow Sara on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. She is currently offering phone readings for both people and pets and parties in the Mount Washington Valley area. FMI go to www.enlightenedhorizons.com.



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