Furry Words

Furry Words

By Sara Moore

Is it really December? We’re really about to close out another year? I will say I’m ready to say goodbye to 2021 and am looking forward to playing in the snow with my dog Syd and snuggling by the woodstove as we enter the colder winter months. This year has had so many twists and turns that I admit I’m sti ll spinning. That being said, I fi nd such joy in helping you communicate with your dogs that ending the year with you isn’t so bad. I put out the call for questi ons and in minutes I was overwhelmed. Here are the lucky ones who were quick to respond. Just a reminder, psychic readings are not a replacement for licensed medical care. Please work with your veterinarian or trainer and use the psychic insights as a complementary perspective.

Kristi M. asked about Cooper, her beagle who is in heaven. She wanted to know if he’s ok and if he knows how much they miss him. Oh my goodness, I love this dog! He was in this life to have his own needs met, and he put himself fi rst. It feels like that was a lesson you also needed to learn, so when he’d demand to eat and your stomach was growling, you’d joke that it would be nice to be him. Well, he’s asking you to step up and ASK for your needs are being met! He’s kind of laughing as he says it, too! He knows how much you missed him because you were able to talk to him out loud instead of the person you may have wanted to say something to. He’s totally fine with that, but your voice works, he says, and he thinks you should use it. Wow- he’s a little pushy, but I have a feeling it’s a message you’re ready to hear!

Shannon C. asked about her mixed breed named Rocky. “We’d love to hear anything he has to say!” I can tell you he has A LOT to say! He is really, really silly and overly dramati c. If he overhears you talking about how much you loved someone’s lipsti ck, he’s going to assume you’re talking about his luscious lips and try to get some red on them somehow, then prance around trying to be unpretenti ous just so you can ohhh and ahhhh over him! I’m laughing so hard trying to type this! If you say you loved his bed-head hair, he’ll groom it before walking by, so you can see JUST how spectacular it is. He is a diva. Not a Mariah Carey diva, but a RuPaul kind of diva. He’s FANCY. I’m sorry I keep typing in capital lett ers, but that’s how he talks! You’re excepti onally good owners for him because you like having lazy mornings on your days off and he needs his beauty rest. I hope I get to meet Rocky in person some day because he’s a hoot!

Shayne G. asked about a dog named Blaire that she adopted a month aft er losing her dog Luke. She asked what she loves most about her life with them and did she ever have a family. No, I don’t think she ever had a family. She feels like the kind of dog that is quiet enough in a pet store to not attract any attention, cute enough to bring people in but not special enough for them to adopt her. She was kind of the set stage in a play, but she knew she was always going to be a bridesmaid and never a bride. You can just have actors on stage, but without the decorations, it doesn’t draw you in. When I ask her what she loves the most, it’s the gentleness you both show her.

You didn’t care who she was before you or what you were told. You trusted your heart, and it paid off for all of you and everyone who has met her through you. Blaire represents all of us who don’t take the ti me to get to know someone, either because we’re busy, distracted, hurt, broken, or simply overwhelmed. If we did, we would know that each of us has a beautiful soul that is worthy of being loved. And when you adopted her, you knew that you would love her, and even if she only showed you a fraction of that love in return, it was still worth the investment. She is eternally grateful to you and Jon. Full disclosure: I knew that they adopted Blaire aft er reading on Facebook how she had been in a shelter for one year, and she started deteriorating before being in foster care for an additional four years. They were told she could have some aggression, but the minute they got her in the truck, she melted and has been the sweetest, most grateful and gentle girl ever. Maybe if we could apply the same approach to people, we could make this world a friendlier place.

Megan M. asked if I got anything about her Golden Retriever Duke who is on the other side. Oh my goodness, he is such a gentle man! He is so sorry he had to leave you, and he knew this would be the greatest pain you’ve endured yet, but it’s also tempered by a giant amount of love, and he hopes that eases some of the pain. He also said, “Time heals all wounds” which is true but still hard for those of us who remain here aft er they cross. He said that he can still hear you and watches you sleep, just like you did for him towards the end. You are very loved.

Karen C. asked about Ayla, a Yorkshire Terrier, who passed in 2020. She is open to whatever she has to say. The minute I read this question my lower abdomen has some funky feeling, kind of crampy, and I’m praying it doesn’t get worse. I think Ayla’s digestion ti me was directly connected to her mood and nerves, and you could look at her and know exactly how she was really feeling. Even if she pretended she was great, her face told the entire truth. That being said, you were so gentle with her and she loved it! She could be vulnerable, and it was all right. She could pretend to be fierce, and you encouraged her. She kind of got to try on all ways of approaching life, and you allowed her to do that safely and confidently. She also wants to say you went over the top (in a good way) in how you’ve honored her. She says thank you for that.

It’s so fascinati ng to me that today’s readings have much deeper messages for the owners than other editi ons! Our animals come here to support us and teach us powerful life lessons, so please be open to what they have to say. I am available for phone readings and will be off ering workshops soon! FMI, go to www. enlightenedhorizons.com and follow us on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

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