Furry Words

Furry Words

By Sara Moore

Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated the end of 2019 and
are making your list of intentions for 2020. I may have told you this before, but I never write New Year resolutions because I’d have to go out and break them right away to stop stressing about them. Instead, I set up my goals and what I’d love to accomplish in the upcoming twelve months. I hope you plan on spending as much time as possible with your pups and the people 

you love. Let’s start out the New Year with questions from the folks who responded to my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page request for questions. Just remember, a psychic reading is never a replacement for licensed veterinary care. Enjoy! 

Abbi G. has Phina, a German Shepherd and wants to know
why she hates the UPS guys so much. I feel like her vision isn’t
as great as it used to be. She sees in gradients of black and white and the brown uniform is just 

a bit confusing. She is actually saying she’s pretty smart because when people are wearing shorts, she looks at their legs instead of their outfits, so she always knows what is going on. When I ask her how can we change her view of them, her immediate answer is her laughing and saying, “No way!” Second answer is if she is quiet can she have the little cups of doggie ice cream? (Preferably taken out of the cup so she can inhale it) I have no idea how you’d train a dog to connect the dots on the desired outcome, but if you do, give it a try and let us know what happens! PS. If Phina were a human, the minute the sun set she’d be in dark blue sweatpants, a sweatshirt and would fall asleep right after dinner while watching TV. 

Megan M. asked about Bentley, a Westie Terrier. “How can we get you to be comfortable/sociable around other dogs?” I laughed out loud as soon as I read your question because he is a preppy, little guy and if he looked good, he would want to act worthy of his duds. Duds? I guess that’s his word for clothing?! I’m seeing him in a black and white plaid jacket with a fuzzy off white, fleece lining. 

Laurel E.’s dog Honey, a Yorkshire Terrier, is deceased. “Does she forgive me for not being able to afford diagnosis and treatment beforehand? She was old with massive mammary tumors, and I felt there was nothing I could do.” When I asked her, she was actually kind of surprised it was as bad as it was. I don’t have sharp shooting pain, but my left upper chest is sore and tender to touch. She has never blamed you, therefore forgiveness is not necessary. Her words, not mine, but I totally agree with her! She loved looking at you even at the end as she was crossing over. She is around you energetically a lot! Pay attention to when you feel her breathing on you. Her breath is super hot, and I bet you’ll be able to feel it. 

Kelly T. asked about Pablo, who is on the other side. He was a blind and deaf senior rescue, and she wants to know if she realized how much they loved him? This dog is such a hot ticket! He knew he was a bit stinky, his fur was a bit greasy, but he still thinks he was sexy as heck! He says he could dance a jig, and even though his feet never got very high off the ground, he knew how to move. He adored himself as much as you adored him. Apparently, he wants to keep up with the other dog who described how he would be as a human because he would be the slightly unkempt, old man sitting on a stool at a diner’s counter while wearing an outdated twill jacket, talking to everyone and schmoozing with the ladies. LOL! 

Katie O. wants to know what Bodie the golden doodle thinks when they hang out with one of his litter mates. He’s 11 months old, and Katie’s brother has his brother. I get an image instead of words to answer your question. He puts his hands (paws?) to his head and makes the explosion sign, like
his mind has been blown! He is EXHAUSTED after but loves every single second of it. I love the dynamic you have with your brother, too. There’s a lot of love in your family and pets! 

Kerri M. has Fiona, a Boston Terrier who is alive and well. She just wants to know if she is happy and if there is anything they should  worry about. This dog struts! She is totally fine and thrilled to be your dog as well as everyone else’s dog if they take the time to hold her. When she gets down on the ground, she looks indignant that someone had the audacity to pick her up so she does a little shimmy and shake and struts away. Don’t be fooled, however, because she LOVES the attention! I don’t think there’s anything you need to worry about other than she’s super sensitive to scents, so if she acts like she has a cold, it could be an allergic reaction to perfumes or essential oils. 

Sandy F. had Rosie, a basset hound who is now deceased. “Are we forgiven?” You ask that, and I get a very religious image of someone holding their hands together in prayer with rosary beads. Rosie never held a grudge in her life even at the vet as much as it wasn’t her favorite place to be. She was always grateful, but sometimes it took some effort. I see her rolling onto her back and showing her belly as if it were a truce flag, but she’s not smiling as she does so. She is asking you to focus more on all the lessons she taught you and to look to the future instead of keeping the past unburied and something to be tripped over. Her words. She is offering you an olive branch of peace and is hoping you extend your hand to take it. She says the ball is in your court and asks if you can forgive yourself? She hopes you are able to because you are worthy of it. She sends her love to you. 

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