Furry Words

Furry Words

by Sara Moore

For the past year, I’ve had a blast doing psychic readings for you and your dogs, but this month I’m going to tell you how I do it instead. so many of you have asked me what it’s like or how to refine your own intuitive gifts, so that I have been more conscious of my process lately. I wish you could just step into my mind for a few seconds and “see” what I see, but that would probably be freaky for both of us, and I don’t really think it’s possible, so I’m going to do my best to give you a tour of my psychic inner workings. hold on tight and take what you like and toss what you don’t if you decide to try this on your own. 

First, I create a sacred space and set the intention that I only work in the light. my mantra is “I only allow those of God’s love and light into my space and into my life.” as I think or say this, I am imagining light flowing through me and filling the physical and energy space around me. if I have a long day of readings or I’m about to go on stage for a gallery style event, I add on, “may the messages be clear and may
their hearts and ears be open and willing to receive them.” why not ask for a little help, right? then I close my eyes, which has become my “on” switch. the other big reason I do this is when I first started communicating with animals, I was usually at a dog show with hundreds of people and pets just outside my booth. closing my eyes turned off all the distractions and my ego while only focusing on the dog in question. 

I can’t say anything else until I tell you about ego. ego is the part of you that wants to be right, and it can pull you off track quickly if you don’t nip it in the bud. when you see psychics on television saying, “hmmmmmm... I am getting a name that begins with c.... (long dramatic pause as they look at you)” but if you don’t answer, they fish for the correct letter while watching for your face to light up when they hit the right one. if I had my eyes open and you started nodding in agreement with what I’m saying, you’re feeding my ego. if your facial expression tells me you have no idea what I’m talking about, Ego can make me think that I need to prove to you I’m right, which thankfully isn’t how I roll. therefore, I close my eyes and trust that the messages come from spirit, and I’m simply a conduit for the messages. Very rarely in a reading do I ask if I’m right, and I encourage you to avoid this until you have finished the reading. 

To dial in to the dog’s energy, I ask for the dog’s name, kind, or color, and if the dog is living or deceased.
I do this because more often than not a dog or pet you’re totally not expecting shows up first. for the sake of time (and to make sure I get to the questions you really wanted to ask), I ask you so that if I’m seeing a different breed or color, I tell you who I’m seeing and hope you recognize him or her! I learned the hard way to ask if the dog is living because years ago a dog kept asking the owner for bright orange Cheese- its and wouldn’t let it go. after a few uncomfortable minutes, the owner burst into tears and told me the dog was dead, so how could it be asking for them? Ugh. I read energy, and it feels the same if the dog is here or in heaven. Turns out it was its favorite snack, but now I ask first because I know how brutal losing a pet can be. if we’re on the same page, I go right into what I’m receiving. 

When I’m in psychic mode, my brain and body don’t really feel like my own. I am an empath, so I feel what the dog’s body feels or felt like. if it has a sore hip, I have a sore hip. if it has congestive heart failure, my chest and breathing feels like the dog’s chest did. When I first started out, I would always feel and taste its mouth first. Although it gave me a great “view” of the dog’s teeth and what food it loves,
I don’t have the same fondness for doggie treats, kitty litter (that was a doozy), and raw food that dogs have, and it was pretty nasty at times! I relay what I’m feeling to you and if anything hurts, I ask the dog what would make it feel better. I’m not a veterinarian, so I don’t treat or diagnose, but when you’re Trying to decode a mystery illness, a psychic reading can be a great complement to traditional medical care. I drink water so as soon as I’m back in “simple sara” mode, I usually go
to the bathroom and flush out any residue from the reading, keeping my body and energy clear. 

My best advice (tied with turning off your ego) is to learn how to ask and get an answer for yes or no questions. for me, my right eye is yes, and my left eye is no. if you ask if your dog has anxiety, and it does, my right eye squeezes a little tighter. if I get a no, I feel it in my left eye. if i do get a no, it’s like a

rolodex (file cabinet for you youngsters) of other adjectives which begins flipping super fast in the back of my head, and the right word pops out instead. in this instance, I usually “hear” the answer like someone in my head said it. I have no idea who this voice belongs to, but it’s like I’m talking to me. Gosh, I hope this makes sense because I do know how crazy it sounds. You can look up how to use a pendulum or muscle testing to get yes/no answers, too. find a tool that feels right and practice until you get it! 

Once you can ask yes or no questions, you can get to the bottom of any issue. Does the dog’s belly hurt? Yes/no. is the dog happy? Y/N. Does the dog love going on walks? Y/n. Does the dog want a puppy? You get the point. I could fill this whole newspaper with questions you can ask, but I encourage you to practice formulating good questions and try it out. going online and looking at dogs at a shelter is a great way to practice, and you can always write down your answers and then ask them what they know about the dog after. when you become more confident in your own psychic gifts, volunteer to read them and help the dogs find perfect homes! be open to whatever floats through your mind and send your ego out for drinks or something while you practice. ego can be really distracting and talks Loud, so Ego is not invited to the psychic party. if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on my Sara Moore enlightened horizons Facebook page or shoot me an email at enlightenedhorizons@gmail.com. happy animal communicating to you! 

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