Furry Words

Furry Words

by Sara Moore

Welcome to the middle of winter! I hope you and your pups are embracing the new year and staying healthy. If you’re new to the Furry Words column, I’m a psychic medium for people and pets. I can tap into their energy and tell you what they’re feeling, what would make them feel more peaceful or content, and also connect with them on the other side. Each month I put the call out on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons page for your questions and share the readings here with you. I am not a veterinarian, and psychic insight is not a replacement for licensed medical care. Enjoy!

Jennifer R. asked about Bruno and wondered why he’s been sleeping in their bed way more than before and if there’s anything they can do to make him more comfortable sleeping by himself. First of all, as soon as I read your question, I get a super tickly feeling on the top of my head which is how your loved one in heaven is trying to get your attention. They say “Man you’re stubborn!” and aren’t used to taking help from others. This is not a handout; it’s a step up. The dog is in the bed more because you are FINALLY in a secure place! You are no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop and for your partner to become Dr. Jekyll. Embrace it! This dog is acting like he’s your human baby because he’s encouraging you to consider that option. I also hear Time’s a Tickin’!

Bugsy, who is a snuggle bug. She wants to know if he’s having any health-related issues that they can’t see. Just a reminder: I’m not a vet at all, but I can tell you what I’m feeling from a psychic perspective. His belly lights up right away for me. I feel a bit gassy and like there’s some pressure in there, but nothing awful or scary like cancer. I would ask your vet if there’s a probiotic or supplement that could help with this! He makes me want to sneeze and if your house is really dry, that could be the cause. The rest of his body feels pretty darned good to me!!!

Sue C. lost her black Lab Murphy in 2017, and she asked how he is and if she made the right decision. Holy smokes, yes you did! He said that loud and clear- he was barely hanging on and was so grateful to be free of his earthly body. It feels like I’m wearing a corset (or what I imagine that would feel like) and I finally took it off and can take deep breaths again. He knows how difficult that decision was for you, and it feels like it happened during a tough year for you anyway. Smile when you think about him. He said it will remind you that he’s always with you. That’s lovely!!

ittle white poodle, and as soon as I read her question, I started to laugh. This dog is so funny without meaning to be! You know the meme of the little girl in the backseat of the car with a look on her face that says, “what the heck?” That’s how the dog looked at me when it “heard” me talking to it! This dog is somewhat insecure and then overanalyzes everything. I’m guessing you do the same since dogs usually mirror their owners! You both have what it takes to rock the world, so go for it!

Donna S. has Poppy, a sweet red and white smaller dog. Since living in isolation the past two years, is there something she can do to make her life better? She doesn’t get to interact much with other dogs, and she doesn’t seem to care about toys. Poppy is such a total love!!! She is 100% content simply to be with you. She doesn’t need others or toys to enrich her life. You constantly seek enlightenment through books, documentaries, and even by replaying situations you’ve been in to better understand what the underlying issues were. Poppy has enjoyed all the time she’s spent with you, and because you talk to her like a partner, she feels like she’s totally in the loop of your life, and she loves that!

Finally, Erin M.’s dog Jasmine is on the other side. She asked if she was satisfied with her time on earth with her. HUGE YES! This dog is fairly quiet and peaceful, but when it was go time, she was a ball of energy. You honored a work/play balance for both of you exceptionally well, and she needed that to stay healthy and grounded. If you feel a little out of whack, make sure the pendulum hasn’t swung too far to one side.

FMI go to www.enlightenedhorizons. com. Sara is available for phone sessions, parties, and workshops. She lives in Conway, NH with her chocolate Lab Syd, two cats, and her son Zachary.

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