Furry Words

Furry Words

By Sara Moore

Hello and welcome to spring!! I hope this finds you and your pups well and ready for warmer days and awesome adventures. As usual, I put the call out for your questions on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page, and I’m excited to share what your dogs had to say. Just a reminder that a psychic reading is never a replacement for licensed veterinary care. Enjoy!

Kerrie S. asked if the Fortify 500 CBD oil she is using to help Miss Beans, a sweet dalmatian, is helping reduce chest inflammation due to a collapsed trachea. I heard a huge yes to the question even before I finished reading it. My chest feels a little funky on the top right side, but nothing really terrible! She loves it and appreciates you taking the time to show her so much love.

Marie E. wrote in, “I lost Tiffany, my first Pom, 15 years ago. She was beautiful and red. Does she remember me and is she in Heaven?” Of course, she remembers you!!! You were her first, but I had to ask her what that means. She said that you showed her the ways of the world, including how to cross safely at intersections. You were firm when necessary but never harsh or cruel. She said you both did a lot of growing up together as adults, and she’s always checking in to watch you while you sleep. I honestly think she’s accidentally woken you up when she hops off the bed just before you wake up. To answer the second part of your question, yes, she is in heaven but loves visiting you!

Rachael A. had a Scrappy Maltese who has passed. “Is his Spirit still with us in the house we live in? I hear him walking around. I need to know if it's him. Thank you. He is definitely still around and loves that you sense him! He was a quirky pup with quite the personality! He’s asking you to be gentler on yourself. You set very high expectations, but remember that if a door is closed, you shouldn’t push on it to see if you can dislodge it. It may be closed because a better path is coming up.

Elizabeth B. wants to know if there is something going on with her red fox lab Winston and why he is so growly in the evenings. I don’t get any massive red flags with his health (that is coming from a purely psychic perspective), but he does feel his belly as he’s digesting. He needs movement to help pass the waste through his intestines. He tends to hold on to things, as do you. He is growly in the evenings because he is tired but also because you have a lot of energy in your house when things settle down for the day. You are very good at unloading the clutter of the day, and you have angels around you whisking the clutter away. That is a good thing but let him know the energy he feels is all good and helping you remain energetically clear.

Wendy M. has Saoirse and wants to know how they can help her with her doggie sister and their relationship. Wow, this is total sibling rivalry! They both need to know that they are equally loved, which you are doing a good job of, but you also can explain to Saorire that the other dog sometimes needs more attention because her doggie sister is just not as organized as she is. This isn’t true, but it will let her think she’s helping you out by playing nice. Yup, that sounds absolutely crazy, but I can assure you I’ve said stranger things that have worked. Let me know what happens!

Mary C. wants to know why Chief, who is a fawn color, barks and doesn’t seem to like most people? I always laugh when one of our animals is mirroring us, and this is totally the case with Chief. You love your private time, your home, your car, and when you are having quiet moments alone. I can relate to going into public and wondering what the heck happened to people and what could have possibly made them so grumpy and then I retreat back to my bubble. I also see the good in people, as do you, but sometimes being alone is a better option. Chief is following your lead. He doesn’t feel super aggressive, but I can see him snubbing his nose at the people he isn’t super fond of. I wish I could tell you how to change that, but he’s pretty set in his ways!

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