Furry Words

Furry Words

By Sara Moore

It makes my heart so happy that Spring has sprung yet again! I love seeing the earth wake up, the colors return, and people and their pets enjoying the warmth and longer hours of sunlight. I hope you make time to enjoy it as well! I always look forward to writing the Furry Words column because your dogs always have fascinating and usually funny things to say. They did not disappoint! Just a reminder that a psychic reading is not a replacement for licensed medical care. Enjoy!

Sue C. wants to know how Murphy, her black Lab in Heaven, feels about Jack. The first thing I get is Murphy simply staring at him, kind of sizing him up. He’s not judging at all but is curious as to why he approaches the world the way he does. When Murphy was asleep, whatever was going on around him was irrelevant unless you woke him up. Jack likes to see what’s going on and is therefore super nosey! I will say that Murphy feels like you’ve fully honored his role in your life and when you get to see him again, you will have no doubt, he’s the greeter at Heaven’s gate. Even saying this brings a wave of relief and makes my heart warm.

Kathryn P. wants to know about Betty, who is black with a white chest. “What else would she like from me? How can we come to an agreement that pulling on walks isn't the way to get a nice long walk in?” The first thing that rolls though my head is how much she LOVES going for walks, and she can’t wait to see EVERYTHING!!! She’s pulling the same way a toddler would at Disney if the toddler wanted to get it all in before the park closes. It’s annoying for sure, but her joy is clear! How do we shift that? She is super smart and says she already has some “preprogramming” that will help you train her. She prefers that you have her sit, then click the clicker, give her a treat, and ask her to walk. The command is “Ok! Walk!” If she starts pulling you have her sit, click, treat, walk. She gets into a zone and expects you to click her out of pulling if she forgets to leave slack in the leash. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her what she’d like from you, but it does feel like you need a quick get-a-way even if only for a day. She said she’d be fine with your bestie and you getting out of dodge.

Susan C. asks about Nava, a dog they brought up from Carolina. “We think she’s 8 years old and want to know what makes her get so worked up with a dog in our neighborhood that looks a lot like her?” She is HORRIFIED that there’s a lookalike imposter! She is so proud of who she is, and how well you both communicate, that if someone accidentally mistakes the imposter for her, she’s afraid her value will decrease. Have you seen the kid’s movie Madascar? There’s a scene where the zoo animals end up in the wild and the zebra realizes he’s just like all the others. He was so sad to find he wasn’t unique, and Nava feels the same way. I think if you put a ribbon around her collar or neck, she’ll feel just special enough that she’ll proudly and quietly prance by the other dog. You must let us know if this works!

Heather S. wants to know if her Pitbull Jake feels safe and happy at home. HUGE YES. Apparently, the dogs are using movie scenes to relay their messages because he showed me Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when her arms are draped with bags from expensive stores, and she tells the snobby staff who shamed and ignored her that they made a huge mistake. But Jake says he loves you huge. HUGE! When he paces, you know he’s uncomfortable, and I don’t see him doing that at all. You’ve done a great job with him and he’s eternally grateful.

Tyler A. has Mika, a fox red/ yellow lab. “Would she be comfortable at doggy day care/ kennel?” Nope. Do I think you could get her comfortable? I still get a no unfortunately! She is a total empath who feels the energy of everyone around her. If there’s an anxious dog at day care, she feels their energy physically the same way I feel whoever I’m reading. She really doesn’t mind being left home alone though. It’s quiet and peaceful.

Lo W. wants to know why Brie is so afraid of noise and strangers but is a love with them. She’s three and the sweetest but shyest dog. This is an interesting answer. She’s new. I don’t think she’s been here before, and she picked you because of your patience and gentleness. When you know there’s potential for her to meet new people or dogs, let her know that you have her back and that she’ll be safe. She also takes a while to warm up to new things, so show her in pictures in your mind how to navigate the situation. She adores you!

Thank you to all who asked about their pups, and I hope you enjoyed this month’s mini readings! If you’d like to schedule a reading for you or your pet, you can do so at www.enlightenedhorizons.com. To have a chance to have your question answered, follow Sara on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

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