Furry Words January 2022

Furry Words January 2022

By Sara Moore

I love the feeling of starting a new year. It’s a clean slate in some ways because everyone talks about their resolutions or the goals they’ve set for themselves. I’m not a fan of making resolutions because the second you tell me I can’t do or have something my brain says I need it. I prefer to make a list of intentions and I encourage you to try this approach. It may inspire you to live a more vibrant life, and if you’re happy, your pups are happy! I put the call out for questions for your pups and am excited to offer you the first mini psychic readings of 2023! Just a reminder that psychic insight is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.

Kaela M. asked if her Black Lab River will become a service dog? She wants to, but also wants to be picky with whom she gets partnered. It’s so funny because River is super smart but thinks she’s not. She’s asking to be a service dog for “an easy person”, but she would be outstanding with someone with any level of ability. She is really good at offering direction or guidance to the person versus being the helper who picks things up for the person. She is the total package!
Maria T. has a dog named Mocha, and she’s wondering if she really does enjoy her days at Doggie Daycare, and if she has any concerns. She LIKES daycare but compares it to spending time at physical therapy. She knows it’s good for her (great actually) so she goes, but it does feel like work negotiating the day with all the other dogs. At the end of the day, she’s glad she’s challenging herself, but she feels completely exhausted when she gets home. That also sounds like it’s a good thing for all of you when she is! I asked her if she’d like anything in return for her honesty, and she said she likes toys that she can flip up in the air and catch. They look like the durable stuffy toys, black and gray. I think I’m seeing a racoon.

Kristin R. wants to know if Clifford, her shepherd mix, knows how much she loved him and if he still watches over her from heaven. HUGE yes to knowing how loved he was! Imagine being the only and most adored grandchild that is always doted on and listened to. This is how he describes his life with you. Sometimes they’re literal in how they answer, so when I asked if he watches over you, I heard no, but it’s only because he walks behind or beside you energetically. I love that….

Wendy U. had a black and white Shih Tzu named Vivian. “What happened when you died? Did you know we were there?” As soon as I tap into her energy, my stomach gets really hot. I think it was complete organ failure, but she surrendered to the process and definitely knew you were there. There was no fear but a worry that she was about to let you down by leaving. That is a very, very rare thing for a dog to say!!! She just wants you to know that she is eternally grateful for the time you had together.

Jeannie F. has a brindle boxer named Layla, who is 6. “She started excessively drooling today. Tooth issue? Tummy? She’s still eating fine, and it has happened before and then goes away.” First of all, if something happens that requires immediate attention, head to the vet! That being said, I think it’s an allergic reaction to something she’s eating. Even if there’s a tiny bit of mold in her food, she will react instantly. I feel like someone who ate a mushroom that isn’t fatal but will make your belly feel a little queasy. When I get carsick, I drool. LOL! I feel like I do when I’m carsick. I just asked for a remedy, and she said “Time.”

Susan B. has a dog named Chubs, and she’s wondering if his leg will get better. When I read this, my left knee area is sore. Then I flashed an image of a hyperbaric chamber. The other interesting thing is Chubbs doesn’t mind taking the more difficult route in life. If he can survive this, which he feels like he will, he will feel more accomplished than someone who has taken the easy route. Dogs often mirror their owners, so are you working harder than you need to?

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question and my apologies to all those I couldn’t fit in this column. If you’d like to schedule a longer reading for you or your pets, you can do so at www.enlightenedhorizons.com. Follow along at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons on Facebook for an upcoming request for questions. Happy New Year!

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