Furry Words - July 2022

Furry Words - July 2022

Hello my friends! I’ve had a fun and busy spring talking to you about your dogs and helping them have a say in their care, training, and sharing ways to help you better connect with them. My dog is still a work in progress, however. I guess being psychic is pretty cool, but I have to have my own human existence when I’m off the clock. That being said, if you see me at the beach and my chocolate Lab decides to lay down, I will be standing there until she decides she’s ready to move forward. It’s her new game, and at first, it was super frustrating and now I’ve just learned to chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. Here’s what people wanted to know about their own dogs this month. Enjoy!

Lisa V. asked about Molly, a Shih Tzu mix who won’t let her clip her nails and has been acting very strange during bathroom time lately. She wants to know what’s up and what she’s trying to tell them. Her nails are super sensitive, and when you cut them, she feels it go all the way to her bone. You know how it feels to bite a piece of tinfoil? She gets that same feeling in her bones when you clip the nails. A dremel tool would be even worse, but you could try cutting them after a bath when they’re softer. She wants them trimmed ,but the anticipation is now as bad as the actual process.

As for the bathroom, you have someone energetically around you. It’s a man, looks like he’s in his late 50’s, I just heard the name Carl but names can be tricky for me to get as a psychic. He’s worried that he didn’t do enough before he passed, and he left people in a bit of a pickle. He’s giving them permission to do whatever needs to be done, and he’s sorry. Molly senses his energy and even I think he’s a bit intense! After you have a chat with him, help send him to the light. Call in your higher power, ask to be surrounded in light and love, and imagine opening a yellow circle of light above a door or window (for some reason I always use one to the right of me). This light is a one-way valve so no spirits can come back through; it only opens TO heaven. Then imagine him going up and through, and then close the light by imagining it closing like a camera lens. If you have questions, feel free to reach out privately!

Sarena C. wants to know why Brutus, her fawn Mastiff, pants and shakes in the car when he never did before. Well this is an interesting answer! We are all made of energy, and each one of us has a certain vibration. This is why some people feel super comfortable to us while others make us feel like our head is in a wasp nest. You have done so much work on yourself and are on track to outshine some of the people who raised you or used to surround you. It’s sort of like you are on a group hike but got to the top first, so you get to lay in the sun and take in the views until they arrive. Your vibration is higher than it used to be. Brutus is still a lower vibration, so when you’re in the car, you’re no longer aligned, which makes him feel less safe, which is why he’s shaking. Phew. That’s a bit deep for a dog magazine column but also a huge compliment to you and the work you’re doing! Tell him that you and he are still connected and imagine extending your hand to him and bringing him up to your level. I bet that will work!

Kathy Z. wants to know if Rosco will be ok at home with her roommates when she’s gone for a few days, and if he likes the chickens. He’s going to be great, but it will also be reassuring for you to know he prefers your company to theirs! Dogs and children are good judges of character, so is the fact that all the dogs you’ve had, including him, have totally respected and adored you! As for the chickens, he likes them, but it’s also a bit intense for him. He thinks he is in charge of them, and if anything happens, he will feel like he let you down. Remind him that there is life and death in all things, and if one goes, it’s not his fault. He’d never hurt one, either!

Kiirsten K. asked what would make Murphy’s life even better. I just saw a spoon of ice cream being extended to him. The colder the better but he does try to take it and walk away with it. Just eat it Murphy!

Finally, Ashley asked about Tugg, her Rotweiler mix. “Is he happy?” He really is! The funny thing is he’s really good at being quiet when people have work to do as long as he knows that when you’re done all the attention goes back to him. If you took him to dog classes, he’d want to be really good at whatever skill was being taught, so he’d be super serious. iI you were just hanging out and talking to another dog owner after class, he’d be super silly and playful with the other dog. He just said that all work and no play make Tugg a bad boy. LOL!

Thank you again for sending your questions to the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page. If you’d like a reading for you or your pets, Sara can be reached at www.enlightenedhorizons.com. Enjoy the start of summer!


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